Zelensky denied Russia’s claim to annexing Ukraine’s Luhansk.

Kyiv Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Sunday denied that Russian forces had taken full control of the last stronghold in Ukraine’s Luhansk province. “The battle for the city of Lysichensk is still going on,” he told a news conference with the visiting prime minister. Russia claimed control of the city on Sunday morning.

Russia’s defense minister has claimed that Russian forces captured a key town in the eastern Ukrainian province of Luhansk on Sunday, which was still under Ukrainian control. At the same time, he said, Russia has moved closer to its goal of occupying the entire Donbass region of Ukraine. According to the Russian news agency, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin that Russian troops had joined forces with local militias to “take full control of the city of Lysichansk.”

What did the governor of Luhansk say?
The governor of Luhansk said early Sunday that Russian forces were strengthening their position to seize the last remaining stronghold in the eastern Ukrainian province of Luhansk. “Occupied (Russia) has sent all its forces to the city of Lysichansk,” Luhansk Governor Sergei Heidai said via a telegram messaging app. They are attacking the city with a brutal strategy. “Russia has suffered a lot, but it is leading,” he said. Their presence in the city is growing.

‘Russian troops cross the river for the first time and enter Ukraine from the north’
It is worth noting that a river separates Lesichansk from Swarovski. Oleksiy Erstovich, an adviser to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, said in an online interview late Saturday that Russian forces had for the first time managed to cross the river and enter from the north, creating a “dangerous” situation. ۔ Erstovich said he (the Russian military) had not yet reached the city center, but that a decision on the battle of Lysichansk would be made by Monday.

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