Youngsters approach the police with their grievances, seeking redressal.

Baramulla witnessed an unusual encounter on Saturday – dubbed a “window” for youth to shoot their queries and grievances at the police and seek detailed answers and remedies.

Some even managed to get the officers to stand in one place, expecting quick solutions to major problems.

“Complaints were raised about roads, toilets, control of drug menace and traffic jams. But specific people were asked about character verification by police, passport verification, service verification, SRO cases, police martyrs, establishment. issues were related to women’s desk and cyber safety awareness,” Mohammad Rais Bhat, Senior Superintendent of Police, Baramulla, told News18.

He said that we were able to solve some issues on the spot while others are in queue.

Bhatt said drug abuse among youth, cyber fraud and phishing were discussed in detail and views were exchanged.

“The response was better than expected,” he said, “We are having further discussions and will go ahead with the paperwork,” said the young IPS officer, who is also Mati’s son.

He said participants discussed the effects of drugs on addicts, including synthetic drugs, including heroin and brown sugar.

The valley has seen a multi-fold increase in drug trafficking and the recent increase in the use of heroin and brown sugar by the youth. Hospital statistics show that the number of drug addicts has increased tenfold in the last six to seven years.

“Heroin and brown sugar are deadly and these drugs are being smuggled across the border by some agents,” the SSP said.

Participants wanted to know if there was any gainful employment to divert people away from the drug trade.

“Alternative methods of rehabilitation and employment were also discussed, along with solutions for areas with drug-related problems,” he said.

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