Wrestling legends pay tribute to Ric Flair as the veteran takes the ring for the last time

Wrestling legend Ric Flair walked down the aisle at the age of 73 to enter the ring for one final match in his long and illustrious career. The 16-time world champion teamed up with son-in-law Andrade El Idollo to take on the duo of Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in Sunday’s main event.

In a brutal bout filled with high-octane drama and intense action, Flair wowed the fans. “Nature Boy” held Jarrett in a figure four leg lock to secure his final victory in a match he couldn’t lose. The legend was unmasked and bloodied after the encounter.

After the match, Ric Flair was honored at ringside by various wrestling legends including The Undertaker, Mick Foley, and Bret Hart. The night was earned from Flair’s body of work. His immense contribution to the wrestling entertainment industry is the only reason why legends gathered around the guardrail to pay tribute to one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

He then took the microphone and thanked the audience, announcing Nashville as one of the best wrestling cities in the world.

Fans would have loved the spectacle of witnessing the legend wrestle for the last time in his career. The event looked spectacular and big time as Flair made the night memorable for himself and his fans. Jarrett and Lethal were ideal foils for Flair, which created a lot of tension and made the match quite interesting. He kept things simple and won the baby faces with flying confetti in full color.

As great as he was, as big as his legacy is, and as famous as he will always be, this was almost certainly going to be his last fight inside the squared ring. By the end of the match, Flair was looking every bit his age. It was the pain rather than the nostalgia that flowed quickly as he stood in the middle of the ring completely exhausted and covered in blood while the fans chanted “you’ve still got it”.

But it can be said that Rick’s last match was definitely full of good cheer.

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