What happens after you die? People who came back from the dead share.

Last update: 31 July 2022, 1:00 PM IST

The answers, though taken with a pinch of salt, are quite interesting and are bound to spark curiosity. (Representative photo: Canva)

What does it feel like to die? Those who came back to life after being declared medically dead shed some light.

Death is one of the greatest mysteries of human civilization. Scientists have long wondered what happens when we die and have conducted numerous studies to find out. Although theories have been propounded in abundance, there is no concrete evidence to explain the moments after the person took his last breath.

The closest valid evidence would be people who were declared medically dead but were revived. A resurfaced, old Reddit thread that questions such people has brought together a number of experiences that various people have had as they stand near death. The answers, though taken with a pinch of salt, are quite interesting and are bound to spark curiosity in one’s mind.

The question, shared on Reddit, read, “Redditors who have been medically dead and come back to life: How did it feel to die? Did you notice anything while you passed?” The question received hundreds of responses in which people described what it was like to be “medically dead.”

One user wrote how her “world became soft and blurry and everything went black.” “I was having an angiogram, laying awake looking at the screen and talking to the doctor. Alarms started going off and everyone panicked. My world went soft and blurry and everything went black,” she wrote. added that the next thing he remembers was opening his eyes and hearing “we got it back.” The user described it as a “peaceful feeling.”

Another shared his experience, which included him collapsing and going into a medically induced coma. “My last recorded memory was about an hour before the incident and my next memory was two days later,” he wrote. The user had forgotten everything that had happened to him during that time.

Here are some more:

A man claimed to have an out-of-body experience after diving into a pool. The user said coming back to life was like “being shot out of a cannon.”

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