What causes a belly button infection? Home remedies to treat it

The belly button plays an important role in everyone’s life but especially for pregnant women as it was once attached to the placenta. This bone helps transfer essential vitamins, minerals, or nutrients from mother to baby. It is important that the mother or anyone else maintains the cleanliness of the navel.

Belly button infection is very common but what causes it?

Lack of cleanliness

Abdominal surgery carries the risk of infection.

Being overweight

Residues of cosmetic products

Sebaceous Cysts

Fungal or diabetic infections

Frequent touching of the belly button.

A sore or bruise near the belly button

Type of clothing


Pain and bleeding in the belly button

Inflammation and swelling of the belly button

An itchy or tingling sensation in the belly button

Green, yellow, or brown discharge from the belly button

Home Remedies to Treat Belly Button Infection:

Coconut oil– You can apply coconut oil on the belly button. Coconut oil has a natural tendency to treat inflammation. It can also fight bacteria, just in case an infection has started to affect you. Be sure to clean your fingers and apply coconut oil to your navel every night.

salt water– Salt water is really good and can easily heal itching and swelling around the navel. It even prevents further growth of bacteria on the navel. This can help control moisture in the pubic area.

Tea tree oil– This oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Just a few drops of tea tree oil will kill the germs. Tea tree oil can be a great reliever for itching, swelling and pain in the navel.

Peppermint essential oil– Apply a mixture of peppermint essential oil and coconut oil to the navel area. This compound has antiseptic properties and hence can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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