What can we do to protect and preserve nature?

World Nature Conservation Day 2022: World Conservation Day is observed on 28th July as a day to create general awareness about the importance of a healthy environment. Human activities, especially in this century or so, have had devastating effects on natural resources and wildlife. Rapid industrialization and clearing of forests to create more space to accommodate the growing population has had many environmental impacts. Although there has been a focus on environmental degradation and green cover in recent years, there is still a long way to go.

Along with big systematic reforms, we, as individual contributors, can help the cause of saving our environment by doing small things.

Cut down on plastic use.

Plastic can serve as a cheap alternative to other materials, but it damages the environment. Plastic products are non-biodegradable and leave their mark on our environment for years, the first step towards working towards a cleaner environment would be to reduce the use of plastic wherever possible. Use products made from biodegradable and natural ingredients instead of plastic items.

Check for power loss.

Turn off lights, fans and other appliances when not in use. Instead of regular bulbs, choose LEDs and high star rate products. These small energy savings will help reduce the burden on the environment.

save water

One of the biggest threats facing the world today is the depletion of water levels. Small steps like making sure to turn off faucets when not in use and building a system to collect rainwater can help us save thousands of liters of water.

Recycle and reuse.

Choose more sustainable options for everyday use. Using renewable products can also help you reduce waste. Go for cloth bags instead of plastic bags. Similarly, reusable containers instead of single-use plastic bottles.

Check out e-waste.

While updating our gadgets with the latest version, we often throw away our old products like mobiles and laptops without ensuring proper recycling. This e-waste puts additional burden on the environment. Check out this waste to help the environment and make sure to recycle your old gadgets before going for new ones.

Plant trees and do your part to protect the earth’s green cover.

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