Watch: Reds star Joey makes a TikTok video with a young fan in the Voto game.


Joey Voto, the first baseman of the Cincinnati Reds, has been having a lot of fun on social media lately, and while he has not yet made an official impact, he is already collaborating with other social media users. Before Monday’s game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix, a girl was seen holding a sign near the Reds’ dugout, asking Voto for the right: “Joey Voto, will you make a tick talk with me?”

Young fan, 12-year-old Jane Parks, fulfilled her wish. The two were soon seen planning their strategy. They decided to make an entertaining dance video to the song “Right Foot Crepe” by young boy Newbrook Again, in which they alternately performed Girdie in and out of the frame. Parks’ older brother worked as a cameraman.

“There’s nothing like hitting the gridy pre-game with Joey Voto,” read a post from the Reeds’ official Twitter account:

Voto went on a 5-4 victory without a hitch, but he still stole the night which turned out to be a viral moment, and most importantly, delighted a fan.

Parks posted the video to his personal account, but unfortunately could not access it further because his account appears to be restricted. This is probably due to age restrictions, as TikTok users must be 13 or older.

Voto’s oldest video on Tick ​​tock She has been here since March 22. While he hasn’t been on social media platforms for so long, he already has 162.1K followers with six videos he has made. At 42 years old, he is proving that you are never too old to have fun, or to hang out on the internet.