Warriors vs. Celtics: Stephen Curry is making Boston’s drop coverage a beacon, so will Ime Udoka adjust to Game 5?

Don’t take anything from Stephen Curry. 3 to 49% shooting in NBA Finals, at more than 12 attempts per game, is nuts. That said, the Celtics are laying the red carpet for him. Drop coverage against Curry is a failure. Has always been It invites the biggest shooter in NBA history to retreat and dribble into a pull-up 3s against a big man, whose only competition is with the guard at the top of the screen, who is not there in time. Could reach

It’s a ton of relaxed, rhythmic 3-point shots for Curry, relatively speaking, and he’s taking full advantage. You would think that Ime Udoka would be adjusted at some point, but so far the first year Celtics coach has not blinked. Celtics vs. Blitz, like most teams. Curry. Only two teams, Thunder and Jazz, fly less frequently than Boston in the regular season. They like to rely on their bodyguards to fight on the screens. They rely on their big men to switch, even though they haven’t done a ton of work with Curry.

I wrote about it after Game 1, in which Curry got out of the Gates with a final record six first quarter 3 points as the 3 points starting below the line on Boston’s big pick and roll, then there. Withdrew from As the game progressed, Boston brought their bulk to the top of the 3-point line, just a few steps up, and that was enough to slow Curry down for the rest of the game.

The goal is to split the gap: show the curry high enough to discourage pull-ups, but then back off quickly to avoid turning the corner back too slow and down. It’s playing with fire, trying to perfect its big position by defending Curry as a shooter and intruder, and many times Boston started one step down either. K or Drop is burning a bat early on. See how much room Al Horford lets Curry get through this ball screen.

This is very easy for the guy who made the pull-up 3s the most dangerous shot in the game. In this series, the Warriors are scoring 116.9 points per 100 while Curry is on the court. It will be registered as the best rating in the league in the regular season, and it is almost three points better than Golden State’s score with Curry on the court during the regular season.

Celtics is a world-class defense. These are the NBA Finals. This should be a very difficult scoring environment for Curry compared to the regular season, but it’s just the opposite. He’s got something – for him – the usual shots. Curry probably doesn’t remember the last time he saw so many scenes from Dribble.

At this point, it should be noted that the Celtics are still competing with Curry from behind. The big guys are falling, yes, but the “look back” has been aggressive. Curry has fired more than a few shots, hovering over a defending defender, if not completely fouled.

Steve Carey defames pick and roll basketball. He does not want the ball in the hands of one player as everyone else is waiting for a secondary entry or spot-up 3s. This has been a source of great frustration for many Warriors fans over the last five years as Cree Pick and Roll is deadly.

But in Kerr’s defense, Kerr doesn’t usually see drop coverage. If he did, Kerr would go mad if he didn’t run the pick-and-roll more often. He is doing this to counter Boston’s off-ball switching in the series and to ensure Curry’s touch and shots without anything else in Golden State’s offensive menu. If Kerr is getting the shots he wants because of the defense, then the question arises: why are the Celtics doing this?

Quite simply, they don’t want to compromise their coverage on everyone by dedicating two bodyguards to Curry, whom they don’t believe they can if they limit everyone and stay out of extreme circulation. You can defeat them alone. It works in a way. Curry’s average is higher than the next two highest-scoring Warriors – Andrew Wiggins and Clay Thompson – and Dreammond Green, for the most part, has been completely non-factor offensive.

If the Celtics start to shine Curry, then Green could emerge as a 4-on-3 playmaker, where he has lived his aggressive life for the past half-decade. This opens up for Thomson’s 3s to catch and shoot, which is his strength, rather than the traditional Boston curry coverage.

The Celtics have blitz only three times in the series. They tried it once in a world of frustration at the end of Game 4, and accordingly Green went downstairs alone to find Kevin Loney to sort it out.

If Green is going as a playmaker, and all of a sudden Thomson is getting open 3-pointers at the kickout as Boston’s defense is forced to come together on the paint, it will open a new can of problems. Adoka has said he thinks the Celtics will be 3-1 ahead, at least, if they’ve done better in the series themselves, and maybe they’re right. Despite Curry’s bravery, Golden State, for its entire performance, is scoring just 105 points per game. Boston thinks he should be able to beat her.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that Udoka would allow Curry to re-ignite in Game 5, at least without trying to do anything different, if only here and there. If he doesn’t give up at all, and the Warriors pursue a full-time Curry performance to win the series that was born out of excellent shooting conditions, the first-year coach who was nothing but a compliment in the second year. ۔ There will be a lot to answer through the half of the season and the post season.