Warriors vs Celtics NBA Finals Game 5 Picks, Batting Difficulties: Golden State should win at home under Stephen Curry

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With the 2021-22 NBA regular season now in the books, the basketball betting market is hotter than ever. CBS Sports will provide daily selections for the post-season period. Sam Quinn will now make at least one choice for each game between the NBA Finals. All lines courtesy of Caesar Sportsbook.

Featured game | Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum’s actual shooting percentage in the final is 11 points lower than in the regular season. Jaylen Brown’s is about three points down. Go up and down both rosters and you’ll see a lot of similarities: great defense that makes the lives of almost everyone who touches the ball miserable. Do you know who has been the exception? Stephen Curry, six points above. We are currently more than halfway through the series. Each team has thrown everything they have at opposing weapons. Curry is the only player from either side who has been fearless. Unless Boston proves it can stop it, I can’t get myself on the road to pick up Celtics. Choose: Warriors-4

Here is a fun experience. If you remove Curry from the tie, how many points are these two teams combining to score per game?

  • Game 1: 194
  • Game 2: 166
  • Game 3: 185
  • Game 4: 161

Obviously, this is not a big enough sample to conclude, but Game 1 was a clear guide here. As the series progresses, the defense forces, with the exception of Curry, have improved on everyone’s defense. The combined non-curry average for the last three games is just under 171 points. Here is line 212. Is it fair to expect Curry to score 41 points again to close the gap? He could have done it, but I won’t trust him. Selection: Under 211

All I can say is that it is unlikely that Curry will return to 41 points in Game 5; but 31 points? It is much more achievable. He has won three of the four games so far. He scored only 29 points in Game 2, but he did so in 32 minutes. Curry is taking so many shots in this series that not even a sub-shooting night can keep him away from here. Puck: Curry over 30.5 points

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Steve Kerr himself admitted that he made a mistake by limiting his minutes in Game 4. If he is willing to admit that Loni has been better than Dreammond Green in this matchup, then the minutes will only increase, yet his Game 5 rebounding prop is less than the whole series. Even if Loni starts, he will have plenty of time to play to recap the boards in Game 5. Selection: Looney rebounds over 7.5

Half of Jayson Tatum’s field goals came from behind in this series. He is shooting 45.2% on 3 pointers and only 27.4% on 2 pointers. For whatever reason, Tatum has completely failed to score inside the arc in this series. That could be Andrew Wiggins’ defense. This can be a shoulder pain. Regardless, Tatum’s best chance to score against the Warriors seems deep, so expect a lot of effort in Game 5. Choice: 3.5 Tatum over 3 seconds