Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals: Why Stephen Curry’s 3-point streak is good for Golden State in Game 6

Entering Game 5 of the 2022 finals, Stephen Curry scored at least one 3 pointer in 132 consecutive post-season games (which, incidentally, is every post-season game he has ever played), and he Make several 3 pointers. 38 live playoff games. Counting the regular season, Curry scored at least one 3 pointer in 233 consecutive games. These were all NBA records.

And they all ended on Monday.

Following the historic start of the series, becoming the first player in history to score at least five 3-pointers in four straight final games, Curry won Game 5 by a score of 3 to 0, and did not care. Is. The Warriors won the game 94-104 to take a 3-2 lead in the series. He could finish his fourth championship in eight years in Boston on Thursday.

It wasn’t just Curry who was deeply cold on Monday. The Warriors lost 31 3 pointers as a team (9 for 40), equaling the record for the second most memories set in a final victory. Boston was more aggressive in pushing Curry above the 3-point line and doubling it, and in response, the Warriors weren’t as pick-and-roll as they used to be in the series. used to. Off-Ball Fashion, which can make it difficult to get your favorite shots in the preferred locations against Boston’s switching. Curry has never had a real rhythm. Most of his memories were not close.

“I think maybe it was because of Steve Kerr,” said Steve Kerr. “He was shooting the ball so well that, at some point, it was going to be a difficult night for him. Boston did a great job defensively, as we would expect. He is a great defensive team. I thought they would put more pressure on him.

“So it’s always a combination,” Kerr continued. “But even for the best shooter in the world, you know, there are games like that. And fortunately, they aren’t often. I like Steve to come out of that game too. I like the ability to bounce back. “

Curry agrees.

“The track record says I will shoot the ball better in the next game,” Curry said. “And I’m looking forward to that bounceback.”

By the way, Curry is absolutely right about his bounceback track record. Consider:

November is becoming more specific. On 4, 2016, Curry’s previous record of 159 street games (regular season) ended with at least one 3 pointer against the Lakers with 0 for 10. In his next game, three days later, he broke the singles game record with 13 3 points against the Pelicans. This sounds great for Curry and the Warriors in Game 6 on Thursday.