Warriors-Celtics Forecast, Pick, Trouble, Spread, Line for 2022 NBA Final Game 5

The stakes could not be higher than Monday night’s Game 5 of the 2022 NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. Through the first four games of the series, both teams have won in turn, with Celtics winning games 1 and 3 and Warriors games 2 and 4. With the series tied at two wins, Game 5 likely goes a long way towards determining the final winner. The teams that win the fifth game of the seven-match series, which is tied at 2-2, win the series in more than 80% of the time.

If the Warriors are going to be a 3-2 lead team, they will need some guys to step around Steph Curry, which has been unusual throughout the series. Curry’s 43-point performance in Game 4 was a masterpiece, but Dreammond Green, Clay Thompson and Jordan Poole need to do more if the Warriors, led by Steve Kerr, are going to win their fourth color.

On the other hand, the success of the Celtics may depend on their ability to slow down the curry – which they have not yet achieved. Maybe the only way is to trap him and get the ball out of his hands. This is a strategy worth trying. Also, Boston needs to take care of the ball. The Celtics are just 1-6 in this post-season game where they spin the ball 15 or more times. In contrast, they are 13-2 when they limit their turnover to 14 or less.

Given what is at stake, Game 5 must be a highly competitive game. I lean towards Boston because of its extraordinary ability to always bounce back after losses. This is how our panel of experts is watching it move.

How to watch Game 5 Live

  • Game: NBA Finals, Game 5
  • History: Monday, June 13 | 9 a.m. ET
  • Location: Chase Center – San Francisco, California
  • Television: ABC | Live Stream: fuboTV (Access now)
  • Problems: BOS +145; GS-170; O / U 212 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

Celtics vs. Warriors predictions, pick Game 5.

Bill Ritter: The Celtics are young, more athletic, deeper, better defensive and have been in a fantastic race for flexible and advanced basketball since the end of their season in late January. But they don’t have Stephen Curry. And, as we saw in Game 4, who can stop it? Klay Thompson has found his jogging to some extent, Kevon Looney has quietly excelled late in the games in these finals, and Draymond Green still has time to make the impact we all expected. But it’s just noise that serves as background music for the fact that Curry is a great player historically, and, like a few nights ago in Boston, he won’t let his team lose Game 5. Regardless of the supporting cast. Choose: Golden State-3.5 Warriors 112, Celtics 107

Brad Botkin: I chose Boston to win 7, but this game will not win 5. Curry is very hot, and I think Clay, who has stretches in which he looks ready to explode, goes home. Dreammond should be better. I’m banking on it. At this point in the series, I don’t think adjustment makes a big difference. Some surprises remain. I want to know how long Boston will continue to fall on Curry (even if they are trying to start high), but if that changes, it will ignite Green as a 4-on-3 playmaker. May fire at him defensively. It’s a sight to behold. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. It’s too late now. Choose: Golden State-3.5 Warriors 102, Celtics 95

James Herbert: Boston selection. This team bounces back every time they lose, and in particular, it bounces back to the offense. I expect it to look more like Game 3 than Game 4, especially when it comes to Jayson Tatum’s playmaking. (If I’m wrong because Steve goes wild again, great!) Choose: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 114, Warriors 103

Michael Kaski-Bloomin: it is. Really It’s hard to choose against Steph Curry given how well he’s played in the series, but his supporting cast is, to say the least, contradictory. That’s all Curry can do, especially if Boston changed his defense to try to force the ball out of Curry’s hand, and to rely on the people around him to work in that position. It’s difficult. In addition, Boston has suffered tremendous losses this post-season as it has gone 7-0 under such circumstances. Jayson Tatum, in particular, has stepped up his game after the Boston losses, and can be expected to do the same in Game 5. Choose: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 106, Warriors 100

Sam Quinn: We have reached a point in the series where both teams know each other. We know what the rotations will be like. They have learned each other’s playbooks. There aren’t many surprises left. Here’s something we know somewhat clearly: Golden State can limit Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown … but Boston can do nothing to stop Stephen Curry. Many other things can change the game. Players of a team’s character may make significantly more shots. A team may come to the line more often. There are no guarantees in the NBA Finals, but with four games in the books, I’m taking the only permanent one this series has given us: Curry. Choose: Golden State-3.5 Warriors 110, Celtics 101

Colin Ward Henninger: Usually at this point in the finals series, you can start throwing strategies and adjustments out the window, but not necessarily here. Steve Kerr is still playing with the rotations, and his choice to separate Dreammond Green and Kevin Loney proved useful in Game 4. The Warriors’ half-court offense didn’t go well, even with Steve Curry’s exploits, but Jordan Poole seems to be changing. One corner and they will probably get more than Otto Porter in Game 5. The Celtics have played well on the road and after losing, but Golden State knows how important it is to win the game to return to Boston. Give me a warrior Choose: Golden State-3.5 Golden State 109, Boston 105

Jasmine Wembush: Steve Curry was electric in Game 4, but he needed his best performance to win the Warriors. Golden State Productions has gone out of its way with guys like Clay Thompson, Dreammond Green and Andrew Wiggins, and despite being at the Chase Center, I still rely a bit more on Celtics. I am going with them to win. Choose: Boston +3.5 | Celtics 110, Warriors 105