Von Racer Gaming Chair 8280 Reviews 20201

This is a von racer gaming chair to go with my gaming PC to help with some back pain I was experiencing with my previous chair. The von racer gaming chair is very modern and stylish, and the materials appear to be of good and sturdy quality. The rise and fall mechanism moves very smoothly. The recliner works perfectly to adjust your back to the right angle for the most comfort. The assembly was straightforward; having a second person help hold the pieces while assembly will speed things up substantially.

Von racer gaming chair

The back massage pillows are the best part of the von racer gaming chair and work super well, and it is connected via USB to the computer as a power source and power on/off instantly; and also, the price is amazing. The cushioning is comfortable, and the recline is very flexible. The messaging feature is nice, as well. It is a little tricky to assemble this von racer gaming chair, but the instruction manual helps you face this issue.


von racer gaming chair

The comfort of sitting on the von racer gaming chair is still very smooth, with a rechargeable message function, a wide range of applications! The chair is both stylish and very sturdy. The castors are very smooth, and the chair moves quite freely, even on the carpet. Some people not fully used the recliner function; the message pad also works well. Feels smooth and comfortable. The legs are pretty strong, and the wheels were very easy to insert. The massager is driven by USB power.

I did not even have to look for any hardware that I already have. Everything was set in the package. The chair's bottom is pretty large and can hold up to a very big adult as well, not just children. The back is complete, almost like a racer car seat. It has wonderful cushions in the bottoms as well as in the back. Very nice texture of the PU leather they have used. This chair is the best thing to happen for my work from home Situation. I spend almost 10 hours of the day relaxing on a chair and working. My old chair was not as comfortable, so I invested in a chair with comfortable and wide seats.

My Personal Experience on VON Racer gaming chair?

Some people love this von racer gaming chair-sounding lumbar support, and it's so comfy! Rolls surprisingly delicious. Finally, I got a real von racer gaming chair that really reclined to a suitable level for a little rest.

You can recline to various levels, and it locks it. The still more useful thing is the messager, which you can apply a USB port to control. Simple to assemble, took about 1-hour max. The guidance was simple to be read. The box was difficult to carry.

 My only complaint with the backrest has a small slack in it. The armrest has a small slack in it. Other than somewhat shaky moveable components, that is by far the budget chair I have ever owned.

How to assemble this chair

von racer gaming chair

I will guide you through the basic assembly process of the von racer gaming chair. I am very impressed with the packaging. It is safe and secure. The package list contains a back cushion. Seat cushion. Backrest with a massager. Armrest. Seat plate. Opening this miscellaneous box contains safety gloves instruction manual steel plate gas lift and lift the cover: starbase casters and tool kit.

Start with the starbase. Insert metal branch into the starbase. Using 10 m6 bolts and at-wrench. Connect all 5 branches. With all 5 branches connected, turn the starbase upside down. Turn the starbase upright and insert the left to the center hole of the starbase. Place the left cover over the left. Attach the arms to the seat cushion with 8 m6 bolts using the wrench, and the nice thing about these boards is that they came with the thread locker.

Adjust the armrest for your comfort with both sides of the armrest connected. Flip the seat cushion. Now take the seat plate to align the seat plate at the behind of the seat pillow.

Make sure the head of the seat is covering the face of the chair cushion. Connect the seat base to the von racer gaming chair cushion using 4 m6 bolts to compress all the nuts with the wrench.

Align the steel plate to the back of the seat plate. Insert the steel plate in. Insert for m6 bolts and make sure it keeps the balance and tight with the t-wrench with the assembled a starbase facing up in the bottom cushion upright and align. Follow the steel plate to the rear with 4 m6 bolts. Makes sure to keep balanced. With this last step completed, congratulations, you have to assemble your von racer gaming chair.

Von Racer Gaming Chair Specifications:

Backrest width 20.9."
Seat width 18.1. inch
Seat depth 18.9. inch
height 48.8 inch to 52 inch
width 26.8 inch
Recommended height 5'8 inch to 6'2 inch
Weight up to 250 lbs.

Pros And Cons


  • It is a mid-level gaming chair.
  • Affordable price.
  • Flexible lumbar pillow and headrest cushion.
  • Stretchable tilt mechanism.
  • Retractable footrest.
  • PU upholstery is simple to wash
  • The flexible cushions are comfortable.
  • It is a supported USB-powered massager system.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Flexible 2D armrests.


  • Not suggested for people greater than 6'2"


Its moveable footrest and flexible armrests, all parts enable you to change them as your need. To maximize your gaming experience, this PC gaming chair allows a 1-year warranty. This von racer gaming chair also maintains excellent customer assistance. Their client support team is always there to resolve your queries.

Without any problem, it can carry a load of 250 pounds. It is possible in a couple of color combinations. Both blue and red colors are improved by combining them with black. This von racer gaming chair has a unique blue and black color. It is complained by some people that the material done in footrest is of poor quality. The assembly instructions are also difficult to learn and apply.

Von Racer Addax Chair

von racer addax gaming chair


Functionality: tilt lock with reclining function, you can recline backrest at 135 degree
and 2D armrests.
Comfort: flexible lumbar and neck support cushion and high-density sponge padding; 
Extras: massage unit embedded in the lumbar cushion.
Upholstery: backrest and bonded leather seat
Warranty: one-year limited warranty.


Seat depth & width :  18.1inch (W) x 18.9 inch (D) 
Backrest height x width 32.3 inch (H) 20.9 inch (W)
Floor to seat range: 18.1 inch to 21.3 inch
Total height: 48.8 inch to 52 inch
Size rating: 5 feet 8 inch to 6 feet 2 inch; maximum weight capacity 250 pounds.

Von Racer Beetle Chair

beetle gaming chair


Functionality: 2D armrests; tilt lock with reclining function; you can recline backrest at 135 degree.
Comfort: flexible lumbar and neck support cushion and high-density sponge padding.
Extras: massage unit embedded in the lumbar cushion.
Upholstery: Backrest and bonded leather seat
Warranty: one-year limited warranty.


Seat width & depth : 18.9 inch (D) x 18.1inch (W)
Backrest width x height: 20.9 inch (W) 32.3 inch (H)
Floor to seat range: 18.1 inch to 21.3 inch
Total height: 48.8 inch to 52 inch
Size rating: 5 feet 8 inch to 6 feet 2 inch;
Maximum weight capacity: 250 pounds.

Von Racer 8272 Chair

Von racer 8272


Comfort:  neck support pillows flexible lumbar and high-density sponge padding
Extras: massage unit embedded in the lumbar cushion.
Upholstery:  PU leather seat and backrest in grey or black
Warranty: one-year limited warranty.
Functionality: Rocking function with tilt tension and 1D armrest ( adjust up and down). you can recline at 135 degree angle


Seat width x depth: 21.3 inch(D) x 21.3 inch (W) 
Backrest width x height:  20.5 inch (W) x 31.9 inch (H)
Floor to seat range: 20.3 inch to 23.4 inch
Chair height: 48 inch to 51 inch
Size rating: 5 feet 8 inch to 6 feet 2 inch; up to 300 pounds