Vikrant Rona Promotions, Kecha Sudeep teaches Kannada pronunciation to the interviewer

Kannada actor Sudeep, popularly known as Kecha Sudeep, is currently enjoying the success of his latest film Vikram Rona. Recently, in an interview, where Sudeep was promoting his film, the actor was seen teaching the host how to pronounce a Kannada word.

The video uploaded by Chetan Sharma on Twitter instantly became the talk of the town. Sharma captioned the post, “Kannada Allah Kannada… So much love bhai, naam bhashe this is a lesson on the spot, for everyone else”.

Kannada actor Kecha Sudeep teaches the correct way to pronounce Kannada during Vikrant Rona. When the interviewer mispronounced a Kannada word, Sudeep was quick to point out his mistake. He taught the show host that the word is not Kannada and is actually spelled in Kannada.

The Mickey actor later explained that just as the Hindi language is pronounced Hindi and not Hind, people should learn to spell Kannada as well. He advised the interviewee to learn to pronounce Kannada names correctly before trying to learn the language himself.

He even expressed his frustration that even though Tamil and Telugu names are spelled correctly, people somehow fail to pronounce the Kannada word.

The Twitter post has been widely praised for pointing out common mistakes made by many people. He even praised his recent film Vikrant Rona in the comments section of Twitter.

Directed by Anoop Bhandari, Vikrant Runa is taking the theaters by storm as Sudeep’s fans are excited to watch their favorite action hero perform. Apart from Sudeep, the film also features Netha Ashok, Nirup Bhandari, Madhusudhan Rao and Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez.

This film will hit the silver screens on July 28 this year. It has been released in five different languages, namely Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi.

Kecha Sudeep is a well-known figure in the Kannada film industry with several exceptional films to his name such as Mickey, Kootiguba 3, Palivan, and Kacha.

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