USMNT World Cup Preparation: A Striker Emerges Top midfield alternative selection; The center-back race got the explanation.

The summer of the United States men’s national team ended with a 1-1 draw with El Salvador, breaking the 2-2-0 record with wins against Morocco and Grenada, while Uruguay’s Also scared. Many of the players who are expected to be in the 2022 World Cup have been with the United States for these matches, and while there are more questions than answers, we have gained some clarity on some fronts.

After four matches this summer, here are three takeaways:

1. Ferreira is a striker … for now

The striker’s position in this team is the biggest question in which there is no clear choice. But, as things stand, it certainly feels like losing the job of Jesus Ferreira. The hope and belief was that Josh Sergeant would be the next big thing in this position after a brilliant career of youngsters, but he found his time in Europe less productive than expected, and at the moment he is not really on the radar. Then there was Ricardo Peppe, who was considered by many to be the next young striker, but found it difficult to find a place in the Bundesliga club Augsburg, failing to score or impress in his first season.

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Ferreira, while not all the same, is the one who leaves the most positive, lasting impression. With nine goals in 14 league games for FC Dallas, he is the leading scorer with four goals against Granada this summer. Although he missed something shocking in front of the goal and his output came down to a low standard, he still did more than Haji Wright and others did.

If the World Cup were to take place this summer, Ferreira would be starting. If he keeps up with FC Dallas and continues to impress USMNT with his passing and standard runs, he will start in Qatar.

2. The top midfielder off the bench is probably de la Toure.

You can sue for it, but Luca de la Toure is playing a major role off the bench. He proved his mettle in these four matches, appeared in all of them and completed his 100% pass in the last third of three of them. He created four chances and one assist against Grenada, and his superb delivery against El Salvador put Jordan Morris on par.

Personally, I’ll start with Younes Moses to be a little more confident in terms of creativity, while allowing McCain to be a distributor in the middle. But, for now, it looks like the top midfield option off the bench. He needed just nine minutes to get his support against El Salvador, and he is a player whose stock is growing exponentially within the team.

3Long has every opportunity to command the center back role.

This is another position where you just have to think about what we will see Chris Richards do going forward. The Bayern Munich man has the best center-back talent in the country, but if he can’t stay healthy we can snatch Aaron Long in second place. Aside from the injury, it looks like the permanent walker Zimmerman will start in the World Cup, but who in the world will join him? Cameron Carter-Vickers is an option, some people still want to bring John Brooks back into the fold, but for now it seems like an on-off-fire long choice again.

He has played three full halves for the United States in the last two games, winning 9 out of 10 doubles against El Salvador and all his aerial matches. He has also fixed the ball 14 times in the last two games. All MLS center-back pairing seemed impossible six months ago, but they have managed to take advantage of the opportunities offered. Those behind them will need an impressive fall to make the jump.