USFL Championship Difficulties: Four Play-Off Teams Rank by Title

The USFL is on the threshold of doing what the AAF and XFL could not do: complete a successful spring. The AAF and XFL failed for a variety of reasons, but the USFL has shown this year that pro football can have a future apart from the NFL.

We’re ready for post-season football in Canton, Ohio, as the Philadelphia Stars and New Jersey Generals will play Saturday, June 25 at 3 p.m. ET, and then the New Orleans Breakers and Birmingham Stallions will play tonight at 8 p.m. Will However, we still have one week left in the regular season.

Below, we’ll show you which of the last four has the best chance of winning the USFL Championship.

Birmingham Stallions (8-1): +170

The hopes of an unbeaten season have been dashed, as the Stallions suffered their first loss of the year to the Houston Gamblers on Saturday, 17-15. There was only one touchdown score in the whole game, and he came from Birmingham. I don’t really know how much stock you want to put into this relatively meaningless loss. Vegas still sees the Stallions as a favorite to win the USFL Championship, but the lack of performance at the end of the season scares me.

Quarterback play has not been great for Birmingham, but you can say the same about any team in the league. J’Mar Smith is the leading passerby for the Stallions with 1,501 yards, 10 touchdowns and five interceptions. Bo Scarbrough has added some energy to the offense, as he averages 62.8 rushing yards per game in his five contests, leading all Stallions racers. Marilyn Williams, Victor Bolden Jr. and Osiris Mitchell have all played in the Receiving Game during the year, and Bolden actually leads the USFL in all-goal yards with 1,110.

The Stallions are one of the best units in the Defense League, as they are first in per game (267.1) permitted yards and second in per game per game (15.9). The line-backing dynamic duo of DeMarquis Gates and Scooby Wright is incredibly fun to watch, and they look like players who will improve their performance in the post-season.

New Jersey Generals (8-1): +200

At this point in time, the Generals have established themselves as the second-best team in the USFL, but could they be the winning team? While the Stallions lost their first game of the year last week, the Generals have not lost since Week 1 – and that was the loss to the Stallions!

The generals have the best offense in the USFL. He leads the league with an average of 342.7 yards per game, and he has the number. 1 speed offense averaged 158.7 yards per game. Darius Victor led the league with nine running touchdowns while running back, and KaVontae Turpin leads the league at both Receiving Yards (472) and Punt Return Yards (184). New Jersey has the second-best defense in the league, just behind Birmingham. This unit may be the worst for forced fumbles in the USFL, but they are tied with the gamblers in recording the other 11 most interceptions.

Quarterback situation is something to look forward to. Louis Perez is the leading passerby with 1,062 yards, six touchdowns and one interception, but I like D’Andre Johnson’s expansion. He ran for 277 yards and four touchdowns in the eight games he played. Overall, when all this is said and done, the team can find itself at the top.

New Orleans Breakers (6-3): +350

Breakers have been relatively up and down all year. Their 34-3 win over the Tampa Bay Pirates in Week 2 was incredible, and then their 27-17 defeat to the Generals in Week 5 was disappointing. New Orleans started the post-season against Birmingham, which they lost 10-9 less than two weeks earlier. Expect another close game in a couple of weeks.

The breakers are known for their passing offense, as they lead an average of 204.1 passing yards per game league, and Kyle Slaughter is currently the leading passer with 1,798 yards. However, he has thrown only nine touchdowns against 11 interceptions. Zack Smith has been getting some runs under the center for the last few weeks. Breakers running behind Jordan Ellis also tops the league with 564 rushing yards.

While the Breakers’ defense is at the top of the league with only 140 points throughout the year, they do not always have the ability to completely dominate a game. Even if the defense is doing its job, aggressive struggle can jeopardize the competition. Overall, this is a good team, but can it last for two weeks, and move on when it is most important?

Philadelphia Stars (6-3): +400

The USFL Championship is a long shot. However, this team of stars can surprise some people and make runs. He leads the USFL with a turnover difference of +9, leads the league in interceptions with 13 and is second in the forced fumbles with 10. While this could make the defensive sound elite, they actually allow second place yards per game with 338.7. . The Stars beat the Pittsburgh M مولllers by just one point on Sunday, but have won their last two games by 22 points and 11 points as scheduled. Overall, Philly has won four games.

Offensively, quarterback Case Cox is fourth in the league with 1,090 passing yards, second with 10 passing touchdowns and has dropped just four interceptions. The Tight and Big Howard is an interesting weapon, as it ranks second in the league with four touchdowns.