UFC Pound-Four-Pound Fighter Rankings: Jerry Prochazka crashed the party when he won the title and entered the top 10

Of The result of last week’s exciting UFC 275 Singapore’s Pay Per View card offers several changes to the top 10 of the Pound Rating for Pounds of Promotion.

Jerry Prochazka continued his destructive methods, surpassing Glover Taxira in the Quick Classic to capture the light heavyweight crown by submitting a fifth round. Meanwhile, Valentina Shevchenko, the women’s flyweight champion, competed in the co-main event. The match to date at 125 pounds in a controversial victory Over-Start Tyla Santos by Distribution Decisions.

In addition, former Strawweight queen Zhang Weili made a triumphant return to the rankings after rebounding from a two-fight losing skid against Rose Namajonas. Fellow former champion Joanna Gederszic in retirement.

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Let’s take a closer look at the top fighters inside the Octagon, using a standard that takes into account everything from success to current form.

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Men’s pound-for-pound rating

1. Kumaro Usman – Welterweight Champion (20-1)

Previous Rating: No. 1

Refreshed by a Fighter of the Year campaign in 2021, Usman is close to becoming the all-time great. He is unbeaten in 15 UFC matches and has won a total of 19 straight fights. The 35-year-old will face Leon Edwards again in August.

2. Alexander Volkanowski – Featherweight Champion (24-1)

Previous Rating: No. 2

The 145-pound wizard continued to make excellent claims for P4P after ending the late Chang Jung battle in UFC 273. Unbeaten on 11 Octagon tours, Volkanovsky is on track to make a historically relevant career resume. This is followed by a trilogy fight against Max Holloway on July 2.

3. Charles Oliveira – Lightweight (33-8, 1 NC)

Previous rating: No. 3

Although the 155-pound title is currently vacant after losing weight before UFC 274, no one is arguing about who is the best active lightweight in the world. Oliveira extended his winning streak to 11 with the addition of Justin Gathage in the first round. His fighting style welcomes a lot of dangers, but Oliveira has been so mixed up that no one has been able to pay for it.

4. Israel Adesania – Middleweight Champion (22-1)

Previous Rating: No. 4

Although the results have been debated by some observers, Addisonia convinced the three judges that they had done enough to advance Robert Whitaker in their UFC 271 rematch. Victory set up an interesting title defense against Jared Canonier, who hit hard in UFC 276 in July.

5. Frances Ngano – Heavyweight Champion (16-3)

Previous Rating: No. 5

Despite suffering a serious knee injury during training camp during a very public contract battle with the UFC Bras Of A long recovery is expected as Ngannou’s UFC future is under discussion.

6. Max Holloway – Featherweight (23-6)

Previous Rating: No. 6

The former champion’s thrilling five-round win over Yair Rodriguez in November showed all that makes him great. After recovering from an injury earlier this year, Holloway will finally get his third shot at Volkanowski on July 2 in a trilogy.

7. Aljamin Sterling – Bantamweight Champion (21-3)

Previous Rating: No. 7

For all the criticism aimed at Sterling over how he handled his incompetent victory in his first match against Peter Yan, “Aljo” was a completely different fighter in the match again 13 months later. The victory over Sterling’s split decision in UFC 273 extended his overall winning streak to seven and should make him a financially attractive title defense.

8. Jerry Prochazka – Light Heavyweight Champion (29-3-1)

Previous classification: NR

After the dramatic and brutal fifth round of Glover Teixeira in UFC 275, it’s time to give the unexpected Prochazka all the right. It also features an elite chin and a gas tank to package its fighting power.

9. Deiveson Figueiredo – Flyweight Champion (21-2-1)

Previous Rating: No. 8

How impressive was Figueroa’s victory in his triangular fight against Brendan Moreno? At 34, Figueiredo not only recovered from a stop loss to regain his 125-pound title, but also showed the courage and patience shown by new coaches Henry Sejudo and Eric Albarasin. There was a shortage. An injury of panic will take it away this summer.

10. Peter Yan – Bantamweight (16-3)

Previous Rating: No. 9

In his long-awaited rematch against Sterling, it is difficult to err on the side of Yan’s efforts. Yan has called for a trilogy to be fought immediately after the loss of his controversial decision, but will likely need to return to the top of the deepest division of the game.

Left out: Glover Taxira

Just remembered: Robert Whitaker, TJ Delasha, Colby Cunnington, Stipe Mewek, Brendan Moreno

Women’s Pound-to-Pound Rating

1. Valentina Shevchenko – Flyweight Champion (23-3)

Previous Rating: No. 1

Shevchenko’s 125-pound dominant race was strongly challenged in the UFC 275 split against Taila Santos. Although Shevchenko defended her title for the seventh time in a row, she appeared to be in the midst of Santos’ struggling success and was forced to rally to retain her title.

2. Amanda Nunes – Featherweight Champion (20-4)

Previous rating: No. 3

GOAT’s imposition against Juliana Pina in UFC 269 was the most shocking moment of 2021 and possibly the biggest upset in MMA history. Although he is still armed with the 145-pound title, Nunes will have to repair what was lost in the July rematch against Pena.

3. Rose Namajonas – Strawweight (11-5)

Previous Rating: No. 2

As a result of a surprising defensive spin strategy, Namajonas handed over his 115-pound title to opening champion Carla Esparza in his rematch in May. Namajans was barely touched by the loss of his unanimous decision. Still, the miscalculation was huge.

4. Zhang Weili – Strawweight (22-3)

Previous classification: NR

After a series of defeats at the hands of former champion Namajonas, she appeared to be completely reborn when she sent Joanna Jedrzejic to retirement through a demonic knockout in her rematch with UFC 275. The Chinese have added their own striking and offensive wrestling to increase its overall threat.

5. Carla Esparza – Straightweight Champion (19-6)

Previous Rating: No. 4

Esparza easily took what was done with him and took full advantage of this by defeating Namajunas in a rematch of his disappointing Strawweight title at UFC 274. Now, as a two-time champion, his resume added a second victory over Namajonas, extending his winning streak to six.

Left out: Juliana Pina

Just remembered: Pina, Jessica Andrade, Marina Rodriguez, Holly Holm, Talia Santos