UFC 276 News, Rumors: Nate Diaz slaps interviewer, John Jones picks Alex Pereira over Israel Adenasia.

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LAS VEGAS – The Nets are still without a contracted UFC fight, but they did a bit of damage in San City over the weekend. Diaz was briefly interviewed backstage at T-Mobile Arena during UFC 276 on Saturday night. Conversations between Diaz and the interviewer escalated when Diaz was found physically.

The interviewer, Shawnie Mack of Internet Collective Phil Sand, contacted Diaz for a brief interview. Mack made a comment suggesting that Diaz was here to see Sean O’Malley competing on the card, but then Diaz immediately raised an issue with something Mack had previously tweeted.

“Stockton’s best, Nate Diaz. He’s coming to check out ‘Suga’ Sean, right?” Mack said.

“No, you better check your tweets about my friend who was fighting recently,” Diaz replied.

Diaz suddenly doubled down on his trademark “Stockton Slips”. He snatched the microphone from Mac’s hand and then hit Mac, taking off his hat. The source of Diaz’s frustration is the allegedly insulting remarks Mack made about Diaz’s training partner, Nick Maximov. According to Jason Hartley

Diaz (20-13) has not competed since losing to UFC welterweight title challenger Leon Edwards last year. Diaz has. Repeatedly demanded the completion of the last battle On his UFC contract. He accused UFC President Dana White and the company of putting him on ice.

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  • UFC 276 has resulted in a heated rematch between UFC middleweight champions Israel Adisania and Alex Pereira. Mixed martial arts have never had a long history of enemies. Pereira is the only man in the world of kickboxing to have knocked out “The Last Style Bender” with two wins over Adisnia. John Jones – Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and one of Adesnia’s opponents – Pereira is expected to clear the floor with Adesnia. “Brother I can’t stop thinking about it —- how would you threaten a man like Alex with shiny nails and frozen references. I’m scratching my head here,” Jones said. Written In a tweet on Saturday, “Brother, I just went back and watched Alex P’s fight !! Yes, I ride with him all day. He’s made it so much easier. It’s really hard to believe he’s before this fight.” Was unclassified, “he said Written In a deleted tweet since then.
  • Adesanya outscored Jared Cannonier in UFC 276 in an action-packed fight. Addisonia, I Scrum after the fight With reporters, he admitted that he had an “off-night” but defended his performance. “And yet, I’m still —— picking it up,” Addisonia said. “It was in a fight, maybe when I couldn’t get my power shots, my kicks … he was adjusting well.” The middleweight champion did not give any weight to the fans who were fed up with the implementation of his game plan. “—- them,” Addisonia said. “They’ve been here since 3pm, they’re all drunk, they don’t know what the real fight is. I said this, great people, they’ve all got to this point … GSP, people They will appreciate it, and I am like, ‘What —- are you guys watching? You are dumb —–. [Muhammad] Ali, Floyd Mayweather, same thing. You’ve reached this point, like, you’re so good, people just want to see you fall. They just want to see you fall, no matter what. If it’s not a show-out, like a great performance, then so be it, ah, it’s not that good. ”