Tuberculosis deaths in Gujarat more than Covid-19 in 2022

Tuberculosis (TB) proved to be more deadly than Covid-19 in Gujarat between January and May 2022, with 2,675 deaths due to TB recorded in the state during this period.

During this five-month period, 825 people have lost their lives due to Covid-19 while over 68,000 people have contracted TB in the country.

However, the number of Covid-19 cases has also increased sharply in Gujarat, with 1,128 new cases reported in the last 24 hours.

Three people have died of Covid-19 in Ahmedabad in the last 24 hours and 400 have died out of a total of 902 people who have recovered from the disease in the city till Saturday. The overall recovery rate of Covid-19 in the state has come down to 98.63%.

According to information shared by the central government in the Lok Sabha, about 18.05 lakh people were affected by TB in 2020 and 21.35 lakh in 2021 under the TB eradication programme.

From January to May 2022, 68,718 people have been affected by TB in Gujarat, with a mortality rate of over four percent.

Apart from this, it has also been revealed that an average of more than 13,000 people are suffering from TB every month in Gujarat.

Among the states with the highest number of deaths due to TB between January and May 2022, Uttar Pradesh topped the list with 6,896, followed by Maharashtra with 2,845, while Gujarat was third.

From 2018 to May 2022, a total of over 6.47 lakh people have been affected by TB in Gujarat.

In a meeting held in the Health and Solid Waste Management Committee of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, it was decided that most of the primary tests can now be conducted in all 90 urban health centers and 11 community health centers run by AMC.

A patient’s blood test and tests including dengue, chikungunya, typhoid and diarrhoea, can be done free of cost.

These machines have been operated in urban health centers and community health centers at a cost of more than two crore rupees. Apart from this, sonography machines have also been installed in all community health centers.

Bharat Patel, chairman of the Health and Solid Waste Management Committee, said that machines for various tests should be installed in all urban health centers. After discussions with Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation officials, machines were ordered for each test for which all the procedures have now been completed and the machines for detecting fever, dengue, typhoid, chikungunya etc. are all urban health. But have been put into work. Centers and Community Health Centers.

Epidemics usually increase during monsoons. As the incidence of diseases is increasing in various areas and slums, free mega medical camp is organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

During this year, the city municipal corporation decided to organize a total of 20 free mega medical camps in different areas of the city.

This mega medical camp will be started after August 10 for which an announcement will be made by the municipal corporation. Free medicines and treatment will be provided to the patients coming to these medical camps.

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