Tua Tagovailoa addresses Dolphins molestation scandal, believes team is ‘with me’

Michael Reeves/Getty Images

There were the Miami Dolphins. In the crosshairs of the NFL On Tuesday, the league punished the organization by docking multiple draft picks — including a 2023 first-round pick — after an investigation revealed they tampered with Tom Brady and Sean Payton. . Owner Stephen Ross was also suspended until October. 17

The investigation concluded that the Dolphins engaged in “unauthorized communications” with Brady as early as August 2019 while he was still a member of the Patriots and again after the 2021 season when he was under contract with the Buccaneers. Miami also had illegal contact with former Saints coach Sean Payton.

Naturally, the news spread throughout NFL circles when it was released by the league on Tuesday, including the 2022 version of the Dolphins.

“I would say everybody heard about it yesterday when we went into the locker room, saw it on TV,” quarterback Tua Tagovailoa told reporters Wednesday. NFL.com. “For me, I don’t know anything about what happened with Brady other than all the details that were shown on TV with the $1.5 million fine. I mean, I don’t know all the details. I don’t know either. Don’t know what happened but I had to talk to a few guys to find out what was going on, and everyone is wondering the same thing.

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Of course, it’s interesting to imagine How different the landscape will look. At that time the dolphins were successful in their plan by following the rules of the land. That said, Mike McDaniel is now attached as the team’s head coach and Tagore is the starter. While the organization has been on the lookout for quarterbacks during his tenure, the former first-round pick is confident the team has him in his corner.

“I remember coming in 2020, so what happened in 2019, I can’t even talk about. I was here in 2020, and I’m still here, and I’m glad to be here,” Tagovailoa said. said “If it has to do with supporting the team, I think the team is with me and all the guys that we have now.”

It’s been a make-or-break year for Tagovailoa as the Dolphins surround him with talent, including tackle Taron Armistead and wideout Tyreke Hill. If he isn’t able to show that he’s the type of signal caller they can build on for the foreseeable future, they may keep their eyes on other QBs.