TSM Gaming Chair Series – Vertagear Chair Reviews 2021

1) Tsm Gaming Chair SL4000


So as a lot of hardcore gamers know, your tsm gaming chair can be just as important as your keyboard or mouse. We’re going to be putting in those long hours you’re going to something to support your back and make it comfortable while you’re gaming, so does the tsm series SL4000 do its job, or could it have done better qq288 .

vertagear seriesThe first thing you’re going to notice about this  tsm gaming chair is the look it is, of course, a racing style gaming chair. We’ve seen that popularized in the past few years the chairs look sick in my opinion, and they come in a lot of colors the what you’re looking at right now is, of course, the red and white model but if you don’t like that there are plenty of other options that you can see on amazon. in case if you font like this chair then you can go with this alternative chair like other gaming chair

Pillow and Lumbar

tsm gaming chair

Like with most gaming chairs nowadays, it comes with the headrest pillow, and a lumbar support pillow and lumbar support took a while for me to get used to personally, but after a time, it was a must-have. It does help a little bit of lumbar support moving on over to the armrest. They are completely movable. It’s something that is an excellent addition if you’re leaning back in the tsm gaming chair or you’re just moving around. It’s good to know that you can move the armrest to get the premier position that you sometimes want with my other chair. The armrest wasn’t really in the best of spots. It calls for a lot of discomforts that aren’t a problem here. The only problem I have with this is that I feel they’re a little bit too jiggly if you have the cherry, and I’m saying they move around a bit, but it is something that can be ignored.

Most gamer’s favorite feature of the tsm gaming chair has to be the fact that you can lead back in this chair if you want it to take a nap. You can do that. I’ve done it quite a few times. This one is a high-quality gaming chair. Whenever I fell, I lean back in my chair. I felt that it might break, or I might fall over with this tsm gaming chair. I’ve never had that problem. I can lead back take a nap with the excellent lumbar support and the pillow, or if I want to watch TV on my computer, I can always lean back in the chair and watch.


It’s a comfortable experience, and you can tell the vertagear gaming chair quality while you’re leaning back down to comfort. Now, this is a very comfortable chair. I’m going to put that out there; I’ve game for 6 hours. I never found myself being a little bit uncomfortable. The only problem I did have with this chair, though, in terms of comfort is the material it’s made out of could be a bit better Because there were times where it got really hot in my room, and what ended up happening was I you know like sweat on the chair it wasn’t able to breathe. You would get warmer and warmer. It is just a small complaint that can be annoying if your room is heating up.

lean back

So the real question is should you get the tsm gaming chair here SL4000 racing chair, and I have to say yes. No coming at a price tag of $339, it’s kind of hard to recommend a chair at that price. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed mine. I think it’s really good. If you have the money, you should add it to your gaming gear. It is a well-built, comfortable chair, but if you don’t have the money to go out and spend on the chair like this dude, don’t sweat it and don’t stress about it.

Build Quality

Putting the tsm gaming chair together is relatively easy. I would highly recommend using two people to put it together because it will save you a little bit of a hassle when attaching the back to the chair’s base. It uses PVC leather, which is more durable than PU leather. Still, it does not breath as easy if the room you’re in below says 74 or 75 degrees. You don’t have any issues with this heat function. The tsm gaming chair goes 170 degrees backward using the lever here on the side, and you can adjust the height of this chair. You can adjust the tension for how much force you need to lean back in the vertagear gaming chair; you can lock it, so it doesn’t lean back. They slide right the site for the slide backward. They go up and down, and you can tell them in words or tell them outwards.adjustable height

Using the included Allen wrenches, you can also completely remove their arms if you wish to accommodate shorter people. They switched out their base. Now it’s a little bit lower than the SL4000 originally did just note that if you have the terror in the lowest position and be tension knob turned. Hence, it’s super loose. It will make contact with the base of the tsm gaming chair. The wheels can glide over my carpet with ease. The SL4000 comes with a lumbar pillow and a neck slash head pillow inside the lumbar pillow, and you can find some foam stuffing and signed the head and neck pillow. You can find this other off more fabric cushion stuffing.

vertagear allen wrench

When you received this vertagear gaming chair, its cushion little bit stiffy, and after a month, it will become just soften. It kind of breaks in the part of the chair that makes contact with your tushie is very well padded now when you have your chair leaned all the way back, and you want to bring it back for it comes up by itself.

Who is this chair for?


Who is this chair for and who is it not for is the big question is what people who came over and sat in this tsm gaming chair who had narrow shoulders have relatively wide shoulders. Hence, people who came over and had narrow shoulders loved this chair. They thought it was great, and people who had a shorter torso than I thought this chair was excellent.

flat space

I found something interesting that if I slouch downright some right, it is super comfortable right here, so the width before the vertagear gaming chair starts to curb is only about 8 inches up basically flat space right, and even then, the flat areas not really fly it still has a slight curve to it and then compare that to the vertagear tsm SL 5000 which has about 10.5 inches of space before the shoulder we actually start to come out.

Specification Of Tsm Gaming Chair SL4000

Max Load: 150 kg and 330 lbsModel: VG-SL4000Backrest Width (Shoulder): 525mm and 20.7Backrest Width (Lumbar): 520mm and 20.5Seat Width: 520mm and 20.5Seat Depth: 445mm and 17.5Weight: 25kg and 55lbsGross Weight: 28kg and 62lbsSeat Height (Lowest): 458mm and 18

Pros And Cons of Tsm gaming chair


  • The SL4000 is a roomy, comfy chair with solid flexible features.
  • The versatile dimensions are a great fit for most small-sized people.


  • The pillow seemed a little bit hard when you receive it, but after using it for about a month, it begins to become just softer.

2) Tsm gaming chair SL5000


This is the vertagear gaming chair comes with the version of SL5000. Now I’ve been using this chair for over a month and I have to say that this is my favorite chair on the market currently to date. Setting the strap is very easy and straightforward, the only time. I had a little bit of difficulty when I was attaching this back piece here to the base and the way.

I got around that was actually by putting this back piece up against a wall it looks at. This chair watch excellent no matter where you keep it in any place. Whether you have a gaming set up or an office desk at a company and you’re in a cubicle, this chair is going to look phenomenal. It is all black with carbon fiber accents on the chair.

The leather is PVC leather, which is not the most breathable material, but it is one of the most durable materials. I personally keep my room at 73° Forenhiet and the chair and never really got hot.

It was perfect for everyone, even after spending 8:00 hours, and the chair goes 170 degrees backward using this lever here on the side. On the bottom, there’s also a tension knob. You can also adjust the chair’s height, and you can also adjust the height of the arms also rotate inwards outwards. The slide left this slide right. They slide forward the slide backward.

Build Quality and Wheel

vertagear gaming chair wheels

The wheels are big enough to glide over any thick carpet with ease but still look. Incredible just the design of the wheels, I think, look slick. The lumbar pillow is great, and I am absolutely in love with it. You also get a nice next slash head pillow, which is phenomenal. It’s very soft, and it’s made of the same material.

vertagear gaming chair tilt


Something to know about this vertagear gaming chair is when you put the chair all the way back, and you want to bring it back forward, it needs a little bit of help. This isn’t the only chair that I’ve actually come across this with. There are actually three other gaming chairs that I’ve facing this same issue with this chair. Now I would not even call it an issue because once you get used to using the chair for about a month. It becomes totally subconscious to you when you want to bring the tsm gaming chair back up. You just reach your left hand back there, and you kind of bring the chair up with you.

Specification Tsm SL5000 Gaming Chair

Model: VG-SL5000Max Load: 150 kg or 330 lbs.Package Dimension: 83 by 72 by 37.5 cm or 33 by 28 x 15Backrest Width (shoulder):490mm or 19.3Backrest Width (lumbar): 520mm or 20.5Seat Width: 575mm or 22.6                   Seat Depth: 480mm or 19Net Weight: 27.5kg or 60lbsGross Weight: 28kg or 62lbs

Pros And Cons of Tsm Gaming Chair SL5000


  • It was excellent for everyone still after wasting 8:00 hours, and the chair goes 170 degrees backward using this lever here on the side.


  • Something to know about this chair is when you put the chair all the way behind, and you need to bring it behind forward, it needs a little bit of help.


I found that people who were about 5 feet 6 inches shorter really like this chair. People who were about 5 feet 7 to about 6 foot had like mixed opinions about it, and people who are over 6 foot just didn’t find it comfortable now also people with basically near shoulders found a comfortable no matter what their height the what so if you fall into either 1 of those categories this is a great chair to look at if you don’t, however, I would highly suggest looking into the particular SL 4000 and or the vertagear gaming chair PL 5000 which is a fantastic chair.

3) Vertagear Gaming Chair PL6000

Vertagear pl6000 comes with high-back design, ergonomic chair, fully lumbar support, heavy weight and mesh style. If you are taller than don’t worry this chair is support for every bigger and smaller people.

Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair comes with headrest pillow the headrest pillow design are made with molded foam and if you are streamer and you are play 4 to 5 hours of gaming sessions than you can go with this gaming chair.

Specification Of PL6000

  • Seat Depth & width : 19 inch (D) x 21.7 inch  (W)
  • Backrest Height & width : 31.9 inch (H) x  20 inch (W)
  • Size rating: up to 6 feet 8 inch; up to 350 pounds.
  • Armrests: 4D adjustable armrests
  • Upholstery: PVC leather in nine color schemes
  • Weight: Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair

Frequently Ask Question

Q1) What is Vertagear gaming chair warranty policy?

Vertagear offers a 10-year warranty for the case and a five-year warranty for chair parts.

Q2) Does my seat come fully assembled?