Trump-backed candidate Russell Frey defeated incumbent Tom Rice in the SC House primary.

A candidate backed by former President Donald Trump defeated Congressman Tom Rice in South Carolina’s GOP primary on Tuesday when the five-term incumbent voted in favor of impeachment of Trump over the January 6 coup.

State legislator Russell Frey defeated Rice in the 7th Congressional District when he received nearly twice as many votes as the Congressman in the Republican primary election.

By the time the Associated Press called the race, Frey had won 51% of the vote, compared to 25% of those who came.

Frey, who was elected to the state legislature in 2015, was endorsed by Trump and has repeatedly criticized Rice as a RINO, aka Republican, in name only.

Rice was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump on January 6 for inciting revolt after the Capitol riots.

Trump called Rice a “coward” who leaned towards Nancy Pelosi and the radical left and left his constituency, saying he should be removed from office in February, as well as supporting Fry.

The 45th president won 59% of the vote in the 7th District of South Carolina in 2020, according to the local newspaper. Post and courier.

Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) was one of 10 Republicans who voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment after the January 6 capital riots.
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After Rice voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment, several Republican challengers decided to run against him for a total of seven names on the GOP ballot. Barbara Arthur came in third with more than 13% of the vote.

Another Palmito State Republican official, the latest Republican, Nancy Mess, faced a Trump-backed challenger in her district primary but managed to retain her seat.

Mess received about 53% of the vote, while Katie Arrington, Trump’s elected state representative, earned about 45% in the GOP primary for the 1st District, with 89% of the vote counted – a run-off briefly. But is missing.

Mess’s anger escalated after public criticism of Trump over the January 6 riots. In return, the former president backed Arrington.

Trump said in a statement Sunday night, “Nancy has been fighting Republicans all the time and is not good at all. “Honestly, he’s despised by almost everyone, and who needs him in Congress, or in the Republican Party?”

Fry will face Democrat Daryl Scott and Mess will face Democrat Anne Andrews in November. The two GOPs are expected to win the general election easily.