Trinamool MP’s ‘eggplant’ turn for price hike debate in Lok Sabha; Here’s why

Biting into a raw brinjal, Trinamool Congress MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar showed a new way of protesting against rising prices in the Lok Sabha. After several hurdles and two forced adjournments, the price hike was finally debated in the House of Commons on Monday.

Thanking the chair for holding the price hike debate, even though it was after a long time, Dastidar simply asked if the central government expected the skyrocketing prices of cooking gas. People will start eating raw vegetables.

She stood up and then took a bite of a raw vegetable to make a point during a price hike debate as some onlookers laughed. He said that high LPG prices are making cooking expensive for the poor.

“I thank the chair for allowing the discussion on the price hike,” Dastidar reportedly said, “Does the government want us to eat raw vegetables?” He then cut a raw brinjal to show how gas became so expensive that citizens had to start eating raw food.

“The prices of LPG cylinders have been increased four times in the last few months,” Dastidar was quoted as saying by reports, adding, “From Rs 600 it is now Rs 1,100.” He added that the Center should reduce the cylinder prices.

In July, the price of LPG was increased by Rs 50 per cylinder. This was the eighth increase in the last one year. The price of non-subsidised LPG is now Rs 1,053 per 14.2 kg cylinder in Delhi.

After weeks of protests over price hikes and GST, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will address the Lok Sabha this evening. Four Congress MPs were also suspended for disrupting the House over the price hike issue, but their suspensions were revoked.

Dastdar was also part of the TMC’s protest on the Parliament premises, which demanded a debate in the House on the issue of women’s protection. The party’s Lok Sabha member Dola Sen and Rajya Sabha member Mosam Noor were also part of the protest. They submitted notices for discussion on the “need to prevent crimes against women” in the light of “recently reported incidents”. Gujarat Rural Development Minister Arjun Singh Chouhan was served notices by MLAs after he was accused of raping and illegally imprisoning a woman.

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