Tracey Men’s 5-year-old son died of heatstroke in Texas when his mother left him in a car

According to a report, a 5-year-old boy died of heatstroke when he was left behind in his mother’s car during the scorching heat of Texas.

Child identification Daily Mail As Trace Mains, Amanda Mains, 36, died Monday when she forgot the baby in the back of a car outside the family home while preparing for a birthday party for the baby’s older sister.

The temperature reached 100 degrees that day.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed GonzalezHe returned home with his two children in the back seat of his car and thought that Trace had gone out to see his sister coming out.

Between two and three hours later, she realized that Trace was missing and ran outside to find her son, who was still strapped to the child safety seat in the back of the car. Gonzalez said the mother told police that her son usually knew how to open himself and get out of the car, but the car in which he died was a lunar vehicle.

No charges have been filed in the tragic incident, but the sheriff’s office is still investigating.

The boy’s father, Steve Mains, said he did not want Trace’s mother to be charged in connection with the crash.

According to the Daily Mail, Amanda Mains is currently in the process of divorcing her husband, Steve Mains, 48.

According to the newspaper, just a day before Trace’s death, Steve Mans was with his son on Father’s Day. His lawyer said that while the father is devastated by the loss of his son, he hopes that Trace’s mother will not be criminally charged, which is an accident.

“Steve is a stand-up man. He’s in tears, he’s with himself, but the last thing he wants is for Amanda to be criminally punished. She’s already going through a lot,” Attorney Gary Block told the newspaper. Told

“He knows she’s his mother, no matter what, and that nothing was done on purpose. All he wants to do now is make sure his daughter is OK and everyone can start to get better.” Yes, ”he added.

Trace is the fifth child to die of heatstroke in the United States this year after being left in a car. According to meteorologist John KnollWhich has been tracking such deaths since 1998.

His death is the second such death in less than a week, when a 3-month-old baby died last Thursday after being in a hot car for several hours in Pennsylvania.