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One of the most sought-after things when shopping for an office chair near me is finding something that has good back support, but how can you tell which chairs are the most supportive? In this article, we're going to show our top 5 picks for the reclining best office chair for back support Looking for a new reclining office chair and budget gaming is your number one source for everything office.

We brought in and tested more than 20 different cheap office chair on a variety of different categories, one of them being back support back support is subjective what some people like others may not we needed to find a way to identify the chairs that provided the best back support for the most people what we did was we included our entire office in the testing each person in our office said in each chair. They give it a score from one to 100, and then we took those scores and averaged about to get the total. This review will feature the chairs that scored a top 5 on our list.

Vecelo Reclining Chair


The number 5 chair on our list is going to be the brock by Wayfair office chairs, and specifically, the brock with the posture fit SL lumbar upgrade. This is a chair that has a starting price of 121 euro. The brock ergonomic chair scored a 78 out of 100 in our office, testing it features a mid-back mesh design with the top of the backrest flaring out.

One of the best things going for the brock ergonomic backrest is going to be the match itself 8z pellicle mesh is going to be much softer and much more flexible than a lot of the chairs that we have seen, so it really conforms to each individual user and provides constant support while you're working reclining office chair with posture fit SL also provides good lumbar support.

The backrest itself has a nice natural curve that's a good starting point, but the posture for the SL system also gives you a much wider coverage area, and it has a much bigger vertical pattern than most of the lumbar supports that we've seen. It also has a depth adjustment. You can adjust it in or out to have more or less pronounced lumbar support.

The final thing that our office really liked about the backrest on the brock ergonomic is that it has a good range of recline and it provides good support at all stages of the recline so you can work with the chair in a fully upright position. You can also recline a good distance back, and you have three different locking positions to choose from and the tension adjustment, which allows you to control how easy it is to recline.

You can also opt for an upgraded mechanism called the tilt limiter, which will allow you to use this chair with a forwarding seat tilt, which puts the backrest at in an even more forward angle for those tasking applications.

IOO Eurotech Seating


The number 4 chair on our list is the IOO Eurotech seating. This is a chair that currently sells for $$. The IOO Eurotech received a score of 79 out of 100 in our office test. This is a high-back mesh chair that features a two-piece design. The upper portion of the backrest is meant to support you're mid to upper back, possibly your shoulders, depending on your height.

The lower section is meant to support your lumbar region. The separate section is separate, which allows it to act independently based on the weight of the individual user in the chair. This system makes the IOO one of the best options out there for good lumbar support. The backrest also offers good adjustability. This is the only chair on our list with back height adjustment, and it's pretty crucial for a chair with this design because the relief allows you to put the curve off the backrest right into the small of your back that you have the best support possible.

The IOO Eurotech will come with the synchro-tilt mechanism, so you do get a good range of reclining your four different told what positions to choose from as well as the tension adjustments you can really control how this chair reclines and your comfort through all stages of adjustment.

Komene Ergonomic Office Chair

Komene Chair

The number 3 chair in our list is the Komene Ergonomic Office Chair by amazon office chair. This is the chair that currently sells for a starting price of $$. The different smart received an 80 out of 100 in our office testing. This is a mid-back mesh chair that features a tri-panel backrest system. You can see that the system has three different sections, and what this allows the chair to do are flex and bend and conform to different shapes different body types for whoever is using the chair.

This chair also features Komene Ergonomic Office Chair perform sensing mesh technology. The meshes are very soft, very flexible, so it is really a lot more comfortable than many measures that we see because it allows you to sink into the mesh, and it really holds the shape of whoever's using the chair.

The backrest on the difference smart features a large curve throughout the entire shape in the back, which really allows the chair to provide good lumbar support to a wide range of people another thing that helps the backrest fit a large money number of people is that it has a little bit of a wiggle to it so when you sit down in the back the back can shift a little bit and told based on the weight or the shape of the person in the chair which makes it fit a lot more people much better.

The final thing that is really nice but the backrest of the Komene Ergonomic Office Chair is that this is a good option for people that like to task and recline along with ways and still be able to task. This chair features a weight-sensitive recline mechanism, so it reclines based on the way to the person in the chair and can hold various positions through the recline. This position lets you keep your eyes on the screen at all times, so you don't have to stop testing if you want to recline back in the chair.

Respawn 900 Reclining Chair

respawn 900

The number 2 chair on our list is the respawn 900 office reclining chair. This is the chair that has a current starting price of $$. The respawn 900 received a score of 82 out of 100 for back support. This is actually the only chair on our list that is a non-mesh backrest, which is an excellent option for those of you that prefer to have a fabric or leather backrest.

The respawn 900 backrests is made from flexible plastic, and it also features live-back technology. What this system does is it separates the upper portion of the back from the lower portion of the back the upper portion. The backs are designed to move and be flexible and kind of work with you while you're moving throughout the day where's. The bottom portion of the backrest is designed to stay stable, so it will provide constant lower back support while you are moving. This system really encourages more movement while you're working instead of inhibiting it like a lot of other chair designs do.

The respawn 900 reclining chair provides really good lumbar support. When you combine the live back technology with the natural curve of the backrest and then add in the adjustability, this really becomes one of the best chairs for lower back support.

So you have height adjustment, and you also have depth adjustment. You can control how pronounced the curve is depending on what you prefer. And the final thing that we really liked about the back support on the Respawn 900 is that this chair has a superior recline range when you are in the most operated position, allows you to work when you're sitting straight up and down. It's not all chairs offer, and you have an excellent recline distance backward with five different lock positions as well as a tension adjustment.

Vera Eurotech Seating

vera eurotech

The number one chair on our list for the best office chairs for back support is the Vera by Eurotech seating. This is the chair that sells for $$$ the Vera Eurotech received the highest back support that we give to any chair with an 88 out of 100, and this is actually a chair that everyone in our office scored an 85 or higher except for one person the thing that really separates the Vera from most of the other chairs that we've tested it. It features a high back design, and the mash is among the most flexible mesh that we've seen on any chair.

The combination of the two really gives you the feeling that your entire back is being supported by the chair, which is not something that we see on most of the other features that we've tested. Like some other chairs on this list, the Vera Eurotech also has a superior backrest recline range when in the fully upright position, you're able to work straight up and down, which is excellent for tasking, and then you can also recline the chair back with several different lockable positions, and if you want to control how easy it is to recline, you can change the tension.

The Vera Eurotech has really good lumbar support. The system is not adjustable, but it does have a very pronounced curve in is placed in the perfect location to provide optimal lumbar support for a wide range of people.

Overall the Vera Eurotech is an excellent choice for back support not only because it provides proper back support and good lumbar support but also because this is going to be a good option for a wide range of people, the shortest person in our office into the tallest person in our office both gave this a back support score of 92 out of 100. 

You can be assured that this is a chair that will work for most people. And that concludes our list of the top 5 chairs for back support. If you'd like any more information, I would highly recommend visiting our social media pages, work features in depth reviews, and some potential downsides with each chair, and some useful tips to consider when shopping for an office chair with good back support.

Reclining Office Chair Buying Guide

Are you looking for the perfect chair for a reclining office chair? Maybe you're sick of companies recommending chairs that don't necessarily fit your body properly. In this article, we're going to cover the top 6 things you must consider when searching for the perfect reclining office chair. Confused about office chairs, a budget gaming chair is your number one office chair resource.

I might not be considered to be a reclining office chair I have had the opportunity to sell office chair seating to users across the country for almost 15 years, and with that experience has given me an opportunity to talk to many of these users can find out what their biggest pain points are when shopping for reclining office chair seating. It might actually be a surprise to find out that many chairs that are advertised as ergonomic office chairs don't actually fit big or tall users properly.

Seat Width and Depth

There are things you must consider, and the first thing you must consider when shopping for that perfect Reclining office chair is that the seat width and seat depth will fit you properly. When selecting the perfect new office chair, it's extremely important you pay attention to the seed size.

Now we've had customers who have bought a chair for received it only to find out that it didn't fit their body properly in this is something that I think can be easily avoided, so we want to do is really take a closer look at the specifications of the chair that you're interested in and then verify that either the chair you currently have fit you properly or what additional space war maybe even less space you would require for your next year the sit in it comfortably.

Another feature that is found on mini chairs is a seat sliding depth adjustment and this is going to help for users that either have shorter or longer legs so when looking at the dimensions are the specifications this is also something that you want to consider it's also important to consider the design of the seat pad specifically looking at things like side bolsters these are commonly found on gaming chairs though actually restrict your likes it make the chair feel a bit narrower additionally arm rest can also come into play and make the chair feel a bit narrower than it really is.

Seat Height

This is the height of your next office chair is also something that's very important in this is almost like ergonomics one you really want to be able to get your feet flat on the floor and then look at your upper and lower portion of your like ensuring that these are in a 90-degree angle.

So it's not something that just needs to be considered for taller users, but if we were looking specifically at what a standard chair will often offer free seat height adjustment somewhere between 16 and 20 inches to the top of the seat.

This will be good for users that are about 64 Max in height, so if you are a taller individual, you'll want to look at a minimum of something that goes from 20 inches and above to sit comfortably in your chair.

Back Height

The back high and your next reclining office chair, something that you absolutely have to consider in this, is especially true for tall users now. On average, we found most office chairs to have that kind of somewhere between 19 and 22 inches, so if you're someone that's under maybe 6 feet 2 inches, it's unlikely to really pose a problem, but if you're someone that's potentially 6 feet 3 inches and above it's something that you absolutely have to consider.

So what you want to look at, of course, is back height design and the actual materials being used in your backrest. Some materials can pose a problem, especially with like mesh chairs or chairs with hard plastic backing frames around them. They can actually dig into your shoulder blades, and over time, this can be very uncomfortable.

Additionally, headrests or something that you need to consider when looking at back height as people really love them, but they don't necessarily work for taller users, and we found that unfortunately with a taller use at the end up hitting you in the top of the shoulder blades instead of in the crutch of your neck or potentially in the back of your head.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of your next reclining office chair something that you absolutely have to consider, and this is especially true when we look at average office chairs having a weight capacity somewhere between 200 and 50 and 275 pounds now when you get that new chair, don't necessarily look for something that's right next to your current bodyweight I think we're looking long term we want something to hold up well as an investment you should look at something that's at least 10 percent over your current way for capacity.

Just because an officer has a high weight rating doesn't necessarily mean that will fit a user that weight properly. We look at the mesh gaming chair. This is an excellent example of that with the weight capacity of 400 pounds, the actual seat sizes just under 20 inches, so, unfortunately, someone that would be close to the 400-pound rating, even someone in the 350 range, is unlikely to fit in that chair comfortably.

Ergonomic Adjustment

Ergonomic adjustments or something that you absolutely have to consider when buying your next reclining office chair the thing that we've actually found as many of the low-cost manufacturers of office sitting really scale back the ergonomic adjustments on their chairs in the reason for this is likely linked to the fact that these lower-cost units won't hold up as well when there's a lot of movement in the chair but if you're trying to find something to fit your body type perfectly and get that for economically correct fit it's absolutely imperative that you get a chair with enough ergonomic adjustments.

Now, what have we found overall on average chairs that are somewhere north of $700 is really where we see chairs kind of start to excel with the offering of their ergonomic adjustments, so it's something well you may be paying more for it now you would likely sit in it much more comfortably, and many times these chairs hold up better long term as well.


The final thing that I believe you should consider when buying your next reclining office chair is the warranty of the chair itself and a lot of times we'll find it these are where the cost really comes in for many of these chairs as the more expensive chairs will often times have a better warranty. We've actually found shares that have warranties as little as 30 days, but our best pick for 2020, a creamer seating product, actually has a warranty that's 15 years it's cover for 24/7.

It has an excellent warranty now. Not all warranties are created the same, and I really highly recommend that you take a closer look at the finer details to ensure that you're getting a warranty that actually covers the components that are important to you, the time of usage, and the weight capacity.

Finding that perfect reclining office your doesn't have to be a difficult task arm of. The top 6 things that I recommend you consider should help you avoid many of the costly mistakes others have encountered in the past.

Frequently Ask Question

Q1 How to adjust reclining office chair

Practicing ergonomics in the office will help create a proper fit between you and your workstation. When office workers do not practice good ergonomics, they can often work in awkward postures, feel higher levels of stress, and are less productive, all of which can lead to a variety of repetitive motion injuries.  Creating a good fit between you and your workstation includes adjusting your chair mouse and keyboard monitor position in office lighting when adjusting your workstation, the first element you should just is your chair.

Chair Back Support Adjustment               

Next, you should just the back support every chair. If possible, tilt the back supports your upper body slightly reclined approximately at a 110-degree angle. A good office chair should support the natural curve of your lower back.

Q2 Can I use a recliner as an office chair?

Yes you can use recliner chair as an office chair. If you are fully worried how to use reclining office chair then don’t worry read our fully blog may be your problem will be fully solved.

Q3) How do you use a reclining office chair?

We're going to discuss how to operate a reclining office chair. Reclining furniture is designed to be comfortable so what we have is an easy-to-pull lever on the outside that simply operates you're reclining mechanism. Obviously, this is what we call the television position where you'll spend the most time in your recline process.

We have infinite stopping positions as it is a gravity balanced mechanism; however, if you want to go to full recline, you simply just press back to be able to go into the full recline position, but as you come forward, you can stop at a level based on your body weight. Wherever it is most comfortable to watch television for you can be up in the fall television position.

Now the real thing that we want to show is how to close the mechanism. There's a lot of confusion on how to operate mechanisms because manufacturers make products in different ways. This is a gravity balance mechanism, so what you simply want to do is, going forward, use your body weight to close the mechanism, and it's a straightforward process to use.

The mistake a lot of consumers make is they tend to reply to lean back and try to close the mechanism, which actually makes it more difficult to close in a lot of times why they can't get the mechanism to lock into place because they're leaning or pressing back if you try out reclining office chair you have to stand up to close it you're simply not leaning forward enough in using your body weight to close the mechanism.

Q4) Best Ergonomic Office Chairs of 2021- Over 100 Hours of Research

  • Herman Miller
  • Steelcase Leap Chair
  • Nouhaus Ergo3D
  • X 4 Leather

Q5 Do Lane recliners have lifetime warranty?

Limited Lifetime Mechanism Warranty