Top 5 Best Comfortable Office Chair Reviews 2021

Are you searching for a new Comfortable Office Chair, but you want to be sure that it's comfortable? I mean, it only makes sense that you get something that feels good if you're going to be sitting in it for so many hours. I will share our picks for the 5 most comfortable office chairs needed new office chair. Each Budget Gaming Chair is your source for everything office. We brought in and tested a bunch of different office chairs.

We score them based on a variety of different categories 3 of those categories that are focused specifically on comfort are going to be seat comfort, backrest support, and armrest comfort because comfort is subjective in different people can prefer different things we decided to pull our entire office to get a well-rounded scoring system for those 3 categories, so everyone scored each category from 1200 we took the average, and that's how we came up with the score for the comfort categories the 5 Comfortable Office Chair that you're going to see featured on this list are going to be the top 5 scoring chairs when all 3 comfort categories are averaged together let's get into the list.

Amia Comfortable Office Chair


Starting off our list at the number 5 spot is going to be the amia chair. This is the Comfortable Office Chair that starts at $405. This will be a nice option for those of you who want a lower-priced mesh chair with good overall comfort. This chair actually scored the highest score that we gave to a chair for seat comfort, and 85 out of 100, it has a wide large seat.

It doesn't have a pronounced frame. You can use the entire seat, really, and the one thing that really distinguishes the seat from most of the other chairs that it is really thick. We had it, but it is also soft in the form is not low quality, so even though it is soft, it does not bottom out, which is something that we see on a lot of lower quality Comfortable Office Chair that do have overly padded seats, so very nice option for those of you that want something that has a soft seat.

It also had a solid back support score with a 76 out of 100, which actually put it in the top 5. It has a high back mesh design. It's breathable, so it keeps you cool. It also helps to conform to your body shape, and it does have a height-adjustable lumbar support system, so it does have that good lower back support if that's what you're looking for.

The arms didn't score quite as well as the sitting back with a 71 out of 100. This is more middle of the pack, but you do get good weight adjustability out of them. You have 4-way adjustments, and the pads themselves are a bit soft, so it's not like using hard plastic, which can be uncomfortable.

Humanscale Comfortable Office chair

comfortable office chair

The number 4 chair on our list is going to be the different smart by Humanscale. This is the chair that has a starting price of $899. This is the future that didn't lead in any of our comfort categories, but it didn't test well in all of them. This is going to be a nice option for those of you that are looking for a comfy high-end mesh back task chair.

The different smart is one of our top-scoring chairs for back support getting 80 out of 100. it features human skills from sensing mesh technology, and it has a tri-panel mesh back design. When these factors are combined, you really get a feeling like a chair conforms to your kind of sink in, and it feels really nice when you're using the chair the backrest itself also features a large curve,

Which provides good lumbar support for a wide range of people. The different smart seat also received a top score for this category with an 80 out of 100. The seat features an open design without a frame around the outside. The seat pad itself is made of flexible plastic, allowing you to move freely and be a lot more active. At the same time, you work compared to a lot of chairs that we review. Other thing is that the seat is the foam. It has about 2 inches of foam. It's not overly thick, but it does hold its shape very well and remain supporter for long hours.

So this is a good option if you do not like that the phone that can be warm for long hours the difference might also receive an above-average score for armrest comfort with the 76 out of 100 the pads themselves are large. They are comfortable for those prolonged typing sessions. They do have good adjustability. They have a 3-way adjustment, but they're not quite going to have the range that some of the higher chairs on this list have.

Gesture Steelcase Comfortable Office chair

seteelcase gesture

The number 3 chair on our list of the most flexible Comfortable Office Chair is the gesture by Steelcase. This is the chair that has a current starting price of $997, and the biggest reason why this chair made our list is that the armrests are the most impressive arms that we have seen to date, and they nabbed a score of 871 of 100, which is the highest score that we've given to any chair. The arm pads on the gesture are really comfortable.

They are large, which gives you a ton of space to work with, and they also have just the right amount of squish to them that makes them soft but still supporter for long hours. One arm pads are great. The 1 thing that really sets his arms apart is their adjustability. They have 4-way adjustment like other chairs on this list, but the range is much wider than all of the chairs that we have seen, which gives you the potential to use their arms in a ton of unique positions that the other chair does not offer.

The gesture when to snag the number 3 spot on our list if it was for the armrest comfort alone the seat is also one of the most comfortable seats that we've tested, scoring an 80 out of 100. I would say that the seat on the gesture was like a combination of the chair in the different smarts that we've already talked about. It has a sticker form than the different smart but not quite as thick as the akhir.

You have a nice open seat, and you don't have any hard edges. This is another seat design. It really allows you to use the entirety of the seat comfortably. The gesture also scored well in our final comfort category that being back support work out 76 out of 100. It features a high class back design with a height-adjustable lumbar support system. This is one of the only Comfortable Office Chair that will give you good support all the way from your lower back all the way through your mid to upper back. Another unique thing about this back for us is that it has a nice flexible design at the top do you really allowed to move and bend and twist freely while you're working.

Vera Eurotech Comfortable Office Chair

comfortable office chair

The number 2 Comfortable Office Chair on our list is going to be the Vera biotech seating. This is a chair that has a starting price of $399. The main reason why this chair is number 2 on our list is that this is the highest-scoring chair for back support, receiving a score of 88 out of 100 there are a couple of reasons why this backrest did so well. It actually features a straightforward design that doesn't do anything crazy or fancy.

It doesn't even have an adjustable lumbar support system, but they found the exact combination of the perfect mesh with the perfect curve on the shape. So the backrest is shaped perfectly to give you excellent lumbar support, and that's for a wide range of people. This backrest tested well for the shortest person and the tallest person in our office. The mesh is also really soft, so it really allows you to sink into the chair. It makes you feel like you're being cradled much more so than any other chair on this list; along with receiving one of the highest back support scores, the vera also received one of the highest seat comfort scores with an 82 out of 100.

This will be another Comfortable Office Chair that features an open seat design or cannot be restricted by any uncomfortable seat frames or anything like that. It does not have a flexible seat design, but it does have released sick good quality foam. It's not quite as soft and squishy as acute care, but it still provides excellent support and is another nice option for those like chairs with thick seat padding. Rounding out the comfort categories, the Vera also performed well for armrest comfort, receiving a score of 78 out of 100.

You get good adjustability with 4-way arm adjustment. They also have the unique feature that I haven't seen too many other arms and rounded outer edges. You don't have any hard edges you can run into with your forearms, which is a nice feeling. They're not quite as soft as the gesture chair or the next you're on our list, but they do have a tiny bit of softness, so you're not using hard plastic.

Leap Steelcase Office Comfortable Chair

steelcase leap v2

Our number one pick for the most comfortable office chair is the leap by Steelcase. This is the chair that has a current starting price of $811. This chair grabbed the number one spot because this is the only chair that received a score of 80 plus on all 3 comfort categories. Starting with the seat comfort category, the lead actually scored the highest score that we gave, tied with the cure within 85 out of 100.

But the seat on a leap is much different than that on the akhir. Here it's more similar to the chair that we reviewed earlier the different smart, so it's going to have an open seat design with no hard edges, which is a theme on many of the chairs that we've seen. Still, it's going to have a little bit on our phone, but it will be softer in the seat will be more flexible than that on the different smart, which is what propelled it to that 85 scores.

Believe also performed very well in the back support category getting a score of 82 out of 100, second only to the Vera chair. The backrest has a lot of nice features on the leap, so you're going to have a steel case live back technology, which gives the top of the backrest excellent flexibility while keeping the lumber section in place, which allows you to really move and shift around while you're working so you're not stuck in that same position the lumbar support actually has 2-way adjustment as well height adjustment.

You can move in and out, so has won the bass lumbar support systems on any of the Comfortable Office Chair that we've seen overall, this being a very comfortable backrest for almost everyone in our office.

Leap also performed very well in its final comfort category that being armrest comfort where placed second with 83 out of 100 trailing only the gesture chair arms on this chair is very similar to that on the gesture that's nice generous large arm pads that are really soft and squishy but still supportive for those long hours that you put into the chair. They also have a good range of adjustment 4-way adjustability. And they do articulate that you're not going to get quite the range in the gesture, but they're definitely the second most adjustable arms we've tested. And that concludes our list of the 5 most comfortable office chairs.