Top 10 Full Body Massage Chair Zero Gravity (Under $1000, $500, $200)

Osaki OS-4000

 This chair offers food curves, arms, hips and shoulder air pressure massage with five levels of speed and intensity so that you can always enjoy the perfect massage on your body. You were inspired by NASA. This chair features to set 0 gravity positioning and comes in 6 unique preset programs that allow you to fully personalize your full body massage chair experience.

 This massage comes it an upgraded PU covering for foreign quiz durability and comfort. It also features a large LCD display remote with a wireless remote for easy control. You can also set on a timer sitting from 5 to 30 minutes or just set a massage session and relax with ultimate comfort.

Specification Osaki Os-4000

Massage Area: Foot, Calves, Arm, Hips and Shoulder
Speed Intensity: 5-level
Zero Gravity: 2-Stage
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Real Relax Favor 04

Enjoy unprecedented comfort at home would favor for real relax a unique full body massage chair this built to provide you excellent quality comfort at home every time this massage chair offers three types of massage using a stroller air sales and vibration massage providing maximum coverage for ultimate massage it counted 0 gravity technology.

 It allows you to recline in different positions to release the next pressure and reduce heart load for an unprecedented massage experience. It also features Bluetooth music play that allows you to enjoy your favourite music with super comfort massage. The favourite for real relax massage let's enjoy the perfect massage at home and offers excellent value for money, and you can get it from online.

Specification Real Relax

Massage Area: 8
Speed Intensity: 4
Zero Gravity Position: 3
Material: Upgraded PU Covering

MK-Ion 3D

It comes at six rollers back from such mechanism with five key massage techniques to provide a real human-like massage at home every time.

Ion 3d Zero gravity technology with 3D massage as a delivers high-performance massage to relieve you from stress and helps you to relax equipped with but lock L tracking massage system and sensors it automatically moves it did land a spine and knows exactly where to massage it has built-in for automatic massage programs that allow you to easily customize your massage experience and enjoy the perfect full body massage chair you always desired.

The relaxation chair MK-ion 3D is the perfect solution for the perfect massage and offers a lot of features in this price range, and you can get from all online.

Specification MK-ion 3D

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 4
Zero Gravity: 3
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Human Touch

Surrendering mostly back neck and shoulders due to relaxation with a human touch whole body 5.1 a feature-packed full body massage chair that is built to leave your body fully relaxed it comes it's less light technology that provides deep healing at a core level for muscles for an immersive experience thanks to its circulation technology as an it massages the an upward wave-like motion forcing the blood toward the body core to suit aching tired feet and legs while improving circulation.

This massager features three auto massage programs that legislature for massage type weather just for back pain, stress relief, or relaxation. It has built-in dual motors that allow for independent back and leg rest adjustment allowing you to adjust the ultimate seating experience. 

Specification Human Touch

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 4
Zero Gravity: 3
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Kahuna Massage Chair LM-8800S

Enjoy great quality massage at home kahuna massage chair Ellen 8800 s a unique and featured pack massage that is built in provide excellent massage on every part of her body it comes in 8 different auto programs with a different auto recline positions that allows you to fully customize a massage experience and achieve optimum relaxation.

It features 3D massage roller system with 0 gravity positions that maximizes your blood circulation throughout the body and let's relax like never before this massager has a stretching program that stretches your full body and offers you up to 7 levels of strength adjustment to maximize your massage experience.

This massage chair has built in premium speakers and comes with a Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to enjoy your favorite music well enjoying massage. Sit back and relax we've got a little full body massage chair Ellen 8800S and enjoyed great quality massage at home and you can get from all online.

Specification Kahuna Massage

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 7
Zero Gravity: 3
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Real Relax Favor-03 Full Body Shiatsu

Give your body the ultimate relaxation it deserves with favour three full-body chair, and affordable and functional massage takes to care for the full-body when you feel tired.  This massage chair offers a full body massage chair with its eight massage neck back rollers, and 50 airbags place to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves and feet for all ultimate massage.

It comes in 0 gravity technology that allows you to feel completely weightless with just a push of a button and helps you to increase blood circulation.

You can use it know to easily adjust its three levels of speed and strain to customize your massage experience and achieve ultimate comforts. Favourites free full-body shots was not sure packs a lot of features and functionalities it is the reasonable price range, and you can get from online.

Specification Shiatsu Massage

Massage Area: 5
Speed intensity: 3
Zero Gravity: Yes
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Ootori Full Body Electric Massage Chair

Enjoy the unprecedented massage and give your body the ultimate relaxation with the Ootori full body electric massage chair, a unique massage that delivers maximum massage on every part of your body.

This massage offers total body massage from head to toe. It allows you to reach the altar relaxation of your body designers featuring 0 gravity shiatsu tapping heating preparation and many other massages. This chair is a master when it comes to high-performance massage.

You can customize the type, intensity and location of for massage or choose from 4 pre-programmed automatic. Please sit back and let the children. It features a built-in speaker with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to enjoy your favorite music while taking the ultimate massage you ever dreamed up.  What a legislature relieves the stress and tension from the body and unlocks the twist energy and improve performance, and you can get from online.

Specification Ootori Massage

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 4
Zero Gravity: Yes
Material: Upgraded PU covering

Human Touch I-joy active 2

It features 3D deflates glide orbital Full body massage chair technology with free massage programs that allow you to enjoy an excellent quality massage at home without any hassle.

Its intelligently designed massage programs target the whole back neck and shoulders or lower back to deliver excellent quality massage on every part of her body. You can customize this chair to fit your needs and concentrate on the areas that need it most.

Made from fox leather, this chair provides a premium feel well using, and a sleek design lets you place it anywhere in the house. Use the human touch I-joy active two perfect massage chair to relieve yourself pain, reduce stress, and overall wellness, and you can get it from online.

Specification Human Touch I-joy 

Technology: 3D flex
Massage Programs: 3
Customized Fit: Yes
Material: Faux Leather

Synca Wellness Circ

It was introducing the Synca wellness circe, a robust and feature-rich massage chair that does not cut any corners in comfort well-being and a compact design. This chair offers excellent massage with an L. track and dual roller rulers that measure where the spine is and delivers massage with pinpoint accuracy for the ultimate massage experience equipped with ten airbags.

This chair delivers excellent massage for your back and thigh. It also comes with a panic feature, which enables it to produce heat safely to make it comfortable for your body. This massage chair comes in a super-compact design with a lot of features which makes it a perfect fit for compact homes and allows you to use it a hassle-free.

Specification Synca Wellness

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 4
Gravity: No

Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair

Please give your full body massage chair it craves and forget the stress and pains of long day work with kahuna S-9000, the number one budget chair of our list that is designed to provide comfort like no other chair in the markets.

This full-body massage chair comes a total line all the programs, including for special programs with 0 gravity technology that allows a fully customized your massage experience and relax with comfort. It comes to a top-performing technology embedded with a variety of different techniques which are needing tapping knocking and many more to deliver exceptional massage on selected by portion.

The whole body being embraced well the massage has been processed. It can accommodate all body types, including heavier and bigger body features, adding three more inches to the shoulder and hip area accommodate all body types up to 6 feet 5 inches and up to 320 pounds. Kahuna S-9000 superior massage chair packs many features despite its price range and provides excellent massage at home, and you can get it from online.

na S-9000

Massage Area: 6
Speed intensity: 4
Gravity: Yes
Maximum Load: 320 pounds

Perfect Chair PC-610

Know for those of you who might not have a ton of space in your house but still want to take advantage of a zero gravity massage chair, we have the best space-saving option, and that's going to be the perfect chair PC 610 gravity power recliner. Now a lot of these gravity slash massage chairs are bulky, but this one is definitely streamlined, and it's far smaller. Becomes in 1 of 3 beautiful wood finishes with 11 colors a premium leather, or polyurethane. This is definitely a quality product it does have a solid wood-based independent leg in recline positions, any full support head pillow,

Space Saving Zero Gravity Chair

If you're wondering why someone might want to buy a zero gravity massage chair or recliner, as I mentioned before, it does have a wide assortment of health benefits if you do suffer from things like a bad back, swollen legs, or just being on your feet all day zero gravity massage chair can really take the tension off of those areas and have a ton of relaxing features to boot they're also great to take on the road when you're camping etcetera after a long day of hiking.

It's great to take all the weight and pressure off of your sore joints again. With some of these premium features, you also get that added massage capability. Or heat sensation as well, so it just goes the extra mile to really work out all those notes. If you're somebody that finds themselves, so we're very often, and you really want something to take all the pressure and pain away, then definitely check out one of these awesome zero gravity massage chairs.