Titans’ Derek Henry discusses possible new deal: ‘It’s always good to get a job promotion’


The Tennessee Titans were unable to shut down wide receiver AJ Brown for a long-term extension this off-season, but they could be ready to extend their second star offensive playmaker. ESPN reported. Earlier this month the Titans were open to a possible new deal with the return of Derek Henry, and the two-time NFL Rushing Yards leader was asked about the possibility after practice on Tuesday.

“It’s always good to get a promotion in your job.” Henry told reporters Mandatory at Manic Camp. “Yeah man, I’m just trying to work through it. Obviously I’m still under contract, and if that’s the case in the future, yeah, that would be great.”

The 28-year-old signed a four-year, 50 50 million contract that guaranteed 25 25.5 million before the 2020 season, with two years left in his contract. A new deal would not only keep Henry for more than two years, but also reduce his لے 15 million cap hit in both 2022 and 2023. For Spotrac.

When Henry signed his extension, there were people who still thought he had been paid less. Henry is the best player to return to the league, and his expansion only took him to number one. 5 in terms of AAV. He is still the fifth highest paid AAV behind Dillon Cook, Ezekiel Elliott, Elon Kumara and then Christian McCaffrey, leading the way with AAV just north of $ 16 million.

Henry’s two-year race to lead the league at Rushing Yards and Rushing Touch Down ended in 2021, as he missed the second half of the season. Foot injury Week 8 against Indianapolis Colts. Yet, in just eight contests, Henry raced for 937 yards and 10 touchdowns. He had an average of 117.1 rushing yards per game before the injury. Henry returned to the lineup against the Titans playoffs. Cincinnati Bengals, where he ran for 62 yards and touched down 20 catches.