Three killer whales tear apart a great white shark in horrifying video.

From time to time, the internet has brought forth countless videos of animal attacks, which have fascinated us all, showing the ferocity of the hunter. And there is no denying the fact that such videos go viral instantly, as they keep us enthralled till the end. However, we rarely see a glimpse of an apex predator attacking another apex predator. And it looks like the internet isn’t leaving anything to us, as incredibly rare drone footage shows three killer whales ripping apart a great white shark. No, this is not the plot of an award-winning action-adventure film, but all reality.

The remarkably stunning footage was captured just off the coast of South Africa and aired as part of Discovery Channel’s TV series Shark Week. A short clip of the video was also posted on the official Instagram account of the TV show. According to Shark Week, this is the first time a pack of orcas has been filmed hunting a great white shark. The video, which has created quite a stir on the internet, opens by showing two killer whales swimming close to a shark for a few seconds. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, a third orca appears under the shark. Wonder what then? Well, it was a blood bath in calm turquoise water.

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