The World Health Organization will review whether Monkey Pox is an international health emergency in detail.

WHO at MonkeypoxThe World Health Organization (WHO) has called an emergency meeting on Monkey Pox. The meeting will consider whether the monkey pox disease has become an international health emergency. The DG, WHO said: “The spread of monkey pox is unusual and alarming. Therefore, I have decided to convene an emergency committee next week under international health regulations to look into the matter. Whether the outbreak is a public concern of international concern. ” Health Emergency.

We tell you that cases of this disease are now starting to emerge from Africa (where the disease is endemic). On Monday, British health officials detected 104 more cases of monkey pox in the country. The UK’s Health Protection Agency said on Monday that 470 cases of monkey pox had been reported across the country, most of them among gay or “bisexual” men.

These countries have the second highest number of cases after the United Kingdom.
Significantly, the World Health Organization (WHO) said last week that 1,285 cases of monkey pox had been reported from 28 countries where monkey pox was not considered local. No casualties were reported outside Africa. After Britain, Spain, Germany and Canada have the highest number of reported cases.

What is monkeypox??
The disease is linked to smallpox, which killed millions of people worldwide each year before it ended in 1980. However, monkey pox, which is spread by close contact, is much less severe, usually with a high fever and chicken pox-like rash that clears up in a few weeks. The smallpox vaccine has been found to be about 85% effective in preventing monkey pox. Monkey pox mortality rates are generally very low.

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