The Warriors’ winning streak reached 12 games against Denby Swanson in the heat. Citizen


The Atlanta Brewers, the reigning World Series champions, extended their winning streak to 12 games with a 9-5 victory over the Washington Nationals (Box Score) on Monday night. The Braves now have a 35-27 record this season, which leaves them five games behind the New York Mets, which closed on Monday.

Atlanta suffered a major setback on Monday, with second baseman Ozzy Elbes He left in the fifth inning after suffering a fractured leg..

Danesby Swanson (and who is it?) And nominee hitter Marcel Ozona made short stops for the Braves.

Swanson, an upcoming free agent, has been hot on the red since the calendar turned in May. In fact, the .644 OPS has been overshadowed by the .883 mark since April, when it took part in Monday’s game. He then scored the second and third runs of the night with a single in the second innings. (Catcher Travis de Arnaud actually put the Braves on board with a solo home run.) Swanson later added a two-run homer to give him four runs while batting in the evening.

Ozona, for their part, leveled the game at 5-0 with a two-run home run in the fifth. He entered the game on Monday with 78 OPS + of the season and, unlike Swanson, has been nervous since late April. Ozona had a .747 OPS entry in May, as of .598 since then.

Fellow outfielders Adam Dowell and Michael Harris each started their own home runs. The Harris blast was the first of his newborn league career.

Brave will continue the three-game set against the Nationals on Tuesday before concluding the set on Wednesday. After that, Brave will travel to Chicago to play cabs in the three-game weekend series.

The winning streak of the Braves, as mentioned earlier, is the longest active in the Majors. The New York Yankees are second in the MLB in four games.