The Warriors permanently banned the imitation of Klay Thompson from the Chase Center after Game 5 stunts.

YouTuber Dawson Gurley is known for imitating his Klay Thompson, which he has been doing for at least seven years. It started gaining more traction in 2017 with one. NBA Finals Prank Video. But by Tuesday, the movement was over, as the “fake clay” from the Chase Center was banned for life.

A day after Gorley’s claim that he was banned, Golden State officially confirmed that the ban was real.

“One person falsely impersonated a Warriors player in a deliberate attempt to gain access to unauthorized areas inside the Chase Center.” A Warriors spokesman told SFGATE. “As a result of these measures, both the Chase Center and the Caesar Permanent Arena have been banned for life.”

Gorley will also not be welcomed at the Caesar Permanent Arena, home of the Warriors G-League team in Santa Cruz.

In many videos on his social media accounts, Gorley shows how he walks around the city and convinces people that he is indeed a Golden State superstar. He signs autographs, takes pictures with unsuspecting fans, and occasionally demonstrates his abilities by playing one-on-one with random people. YouTube has even shared clips of cheating on staff members in the Warriors home field.

But the Warriors drew a line with Gorley’s movements as he passed through five layers of security guards, took him to court and shot him for about 10 minutes before Game 5 of the NBA Finals series against the Boston Celtics.

گورلے Started tweeting The incident was reported at 4:17 pm PT, about two hours before the announcement. He told his followers that he was in attendance but had just been banned from playing home games. About an hour later, YouTuber shared an official letter signed by Brian J. Herbert, vice president of security at Golden State Warriors.

He claimed to have spent 10,000 10,000 on tickets, which he said the organization would not refund.

Gorley’s letter explains that the actions could be considered “an act of criminal aggression”, to which he responded by saying it was not technically correct because he spoke to security. And passed through a metal detector. He also shared one. Screenshot About the definition of transgression to try to help his argument.

Many The fans ran into it Before the start of Game 5, and there is a video of it appearing in a shoot-around session that allegedly got him into trouble.

It doesn’t look like Fake Clay had a good night, but the real Clay Thompson scored 21 points on 50% shooting from the field to help his team win 104-94. Golden State now has a 3-2 lead in the series.

Gorley has already posted a new YouTube video (see below) that shows how everything went down.