The video shows a female inmate in Florida attacking a prison guard.

The shocking video shows a Florida prison inmate hiding behind a prison guard and trying to strangle her with a pillow.

Released by the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office. Cold-blooded footage of the attack ended shortly after other detainees came to his aid.

The unidentified assailant, identified as Deputy Lillian Jimenez, was seen walking into a nearby office, lying on beds with other detainees.

The prisoner then appears to have been given something by another prisoner before he walks slowly behind the guard and tries to strangle him with a pillow.

Within seconds, other detainees entered the room and broke the attack before other guards could reach the area, officials said.

A Florida prison inmate tried to strangle deputy prison guard Lillian Jimenez with a pillow.
Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office

According to Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Kronster, Jimenez suffered only minor injuries.

“While these prisoners endangered our deputy, there were others who came to his aid and did the right thing, and for that I am grateful,” he said in a statement. Said in a statement.

“The assailant and his accomplice now face additional charges of assault,” he said.