The video of the shark walking shocked the netizens.

Leopard epaulet. — Twitter screen grab/@sharkweek

A video of a walking shark has been posted on Twitter which is gaining attention from netizens.

The shark is a leopard epaulet – named after the markings on its skin that resemble a leopard.

The video shows the shark swimming and then it appears that the shark starts using its fins to walk on the rocks.

Internet users were amused by Shark’s talent.

“I can use my arms and legs as wings if I’m being chased by a strange creature ten times my size,” commented one.

“Cool! I’d also really love to see an episode about this symbiotic fish hanging out with a shark. Like a Sidekick episode,” commented another sarcastically.

“Really disappointed they didn’t record the shark turning into a monkey and then a human,” joked another.