The top surfers qualify for the next rounds.

Top surfers including Shreshti Selom, Sugar Banarse, Satish Saravanan and Sophia Sharma qualified for the semi-finals after two rounds of challenging surf at the Covelong Classic here on Friday.

In the women’s open category, Shreshti Selom, Sugar Banarase, Ananya Samhita, Sophia Sharma, Kamali P, and Meryl Wondernick have qualified for the semi-finals scheduled for August 7. The semi-finals

Round 1 of the Men’s Open category saw 12 heats of intense surfing. The top two surfers from each heat will advance to the top 16 of the Mahabus Point Break Challenge held earlier this week for Round 2 where they will compete in 10 heats for a spot in Round 3.

The competition promises to be exciting and will test the endurance of the surfers as they have to compete in multiple rounds before reaching the semi-finals. Round 2 and Round 3 will be held on Saturday.

The Men’s International Open saw surfers from Sri Lanka and the Maldives compete with top Indian surfers. Round 1 was held in 5 heats with the top 2 surfers from each heat qualifying directly for Round 3 while the 3rd and 4th placed surfers would get a second chance to compete again in Round 2.

Lakshitha Mudushan Dalugoda Arachige (Sri Lanka), Satish Saravanan (India), Listha Parbat Kuku Hnadige (Sri Lanka), Kanapati Ramesh Jayahalar (Sri Lanka) and Praneet Sidruvan Pancha Baduge (Sri Lanka) topped their respective heats.

Favorite in the Grooms (16 and under) boys category, Kishore Kumar topped the quarter-finals with the highest score (9.0). Naveen Kumar R qualified on top from the second quarter-final with a score of 12.0. He will be joined in the semi-finals by Tien Arun (10.34), Theandral R (10.10), Lokesh S (7.50), Kalapathy S (6.53), Karanjeeth Kumar (6.16) and Jeonathan O (5.47).

To promote the sport of surfing among children, the eighth edition of Covelong Surf introduced the Novice (12 and under) category to promote surfing for children. A total of 8 surfers competed in the said category, out of which Prahlad Sriram (14.40), Thaneshka Mendon (9.53), Yudhvir Mahajan (9.33) and Harish P (8.83) have qualified for the finals which are scheduled to be held on Sunday.

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