The three thieves wanted to steal a bottle of liquor worth Rs 300,000 but stole it from the shop.

video: Police in the US state of Texas are searching for three people who were caught on camera robbing a liquor store. However, the three escaped with a bottle of counterfeit wine, which they thought was expensive. The incident took place on May 23, the Houston Police Department said. CCTV footage of the liquor store shows three unidentified men entering the store and crowding around a closed display case containing expensive bottles of liquor.

All three found out about expensive bottles of wine.
According to police, the trio discovered a bottle of wine worth about ً 4,200 (Indian Rupees 3,27,774.51), at which an employee approached and opened the cabinet. The employee pulled out a bottle to show to customers, when a man snatched the bottle from the employee before leaving the store.

Then another person in the group picked up another can of the same wine and headed out. However, after finding out that the box was empty, the man dropped it before leaving the shop.

The robbers took a fake bottle.
According to Fox News, the store stated that the bottle of wine the man had taken was a decapitated bottle, valued at less than 4,200. The three men have not yet been apprehended, so police have sought the help of the public in their search.

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