The Stanley Cup final is off to a great start, and will the Warriors win the NBA title tonight?

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Good morning everyone but especially …

Colorado Avalanche

Of Avalanche The explosive crime was on display last night – but it was Of electricity Championship grit. Then Andrei Borakowski Apparently he knows a thing or two about clutch goals … especially against Tampa Bay.

All this led to Game 1 avalanche. Stanley Cup final 4-3 in overtime thrilling match.

  • Colorado took a 3-1 lead after the first period. Gabriel Landskog, Valery Nekshkin And Artturi Lehkonen All scoring. Nicholas Paul There was lightning.
  • The game changed rapidly in the second period, when Andrews Plot And Mikhail Sergachev Scored 48 seconds to tie things 3-3. Neither team scored in the third period.
  • Borakowski then scored the first Stanley Cup final goal of his career, beating the Tampa Bay goalkeeper. Andrei Vasilyevsky Only 1:23 in overtime.

Power fans must have been shocked to hear this. Borakowski’s Name: She As a member of the Capitals, he scored twice against Tampa Bay in Game 7 of the 2018 Eastern Conference Final..

When the game went overtime, our NHL expert Austin Newson wrote in his takeaways that Dominance throughout Avs.

  • Nevison: “No matter how you cut it, the Avs took it back to the back-to-back champions in the opening game. … Colorado switched to one of its three power dramas and got some quality chances in the other two.

That being said, it was an exciting start to the final. If every game can be as good as Game 1, please sign me up for six more.

Respectfully yours,

Not so honorable mention.

NBA Finals Experts Predictions: Fighters could eliminate Celtics tonight.


Could tonight be the last night of the NBA season? I’m sure there’s no hope (there are no two words better than Game 7 in games) but it’s a strong possibility. After taking both Game 4 and Game 5, Warrior They are 48 minutes away. Seventh NBA Championship in franchise history and fourth in the last eight seasons..

Of Celtics Can see below and outside, but when they have done their best this post season.

  • They Overcame the series deficit 3-2 Against the reigning champion Rs And a game against 7 survived. Heat.
  • They are. Losses 7-1 after this post season.
  • He has not lost three games in a row since December.
  • That, of course Sounds pretty confident In the ability to come back.

So, who wins tonight? I Selection of our NBA expertsBrad Botkin goes with the hosts.

  • Botkin: “I think Jillian Brown Plays better at home. I think one of the character players – Derek White, Grant Williams Or El Horford – It’s a big night and Jason Tatum Can’t get rid of it forever. The Boston crowd is about to become bananas. The Golden State is not a magician. It has holes. Boston will find its way to most of them to push this thing to seven. Select: Celtics-3.5 Celtics 107, Warriors 103

Not everyone feels that way, though. NBA columnist Bill Reuters picks up the Warriors and says. To extend the series, Celtics have to show us something special, it is very unlikely to win..

  • Repeat: The real answer to how Boston wins this thing is simple and twofold: don’t let Curry beat you, and don’t beat yourself. … First of all: good luck. Written, this is possibly going to end his career as a top 5 all-time player, a full-time talent not often praised, getting the dues he deserved after so long. ..But the second point explains why this series feels over: no the team can win the championship if it gets as close to it as it does, and the Celtics get nervous And there has been a combination of bad games in which a ring is closest to you … “

Can Brooks Kopka get back on track and dominate the US Open?


There is a reason it takes time to find. Brooks KopkaIs on the list of problems for the US Open. Caesar Sports Book. The two-time US Open champion has played in two events since the beginning of April: A short cut in The Masters and T-55th in the PGA Championship.

But, as our golf scribe Kyle Porter found out, He is full of confidence. Before this year’s event, which starts today.

  • Goalkeeper: “He is rare among all the players who seem to be able to switch between the world’s toughest courses in the most difficult exams in this game. The championship can be won, but perhaps the two most important indicators – past performance in the world’s toughest championships and level of confidence compared to the field – are definitely not included. “

If you need more persuasion, here are Copca’s last four US Open appearances:

  • 2017: 1st
  • 2018: 1st
  • 2019: Second
  • 2021: T-4th

That is why he is one of them. Nine players who can win.According to Porter. What else should you read to get ready for a charming event:

MLB All-Art Team: Jazz Chisholm, Yankees are guiding sluggers;

Getty Images

Our MLB reporter Matt Snyder hit the nail on the head when he wrote: “Sports are fun, that’s why we watch.”

That’s why their latest installment MLB 2022 All Art Team Great read for any baseball fan. Of Yankees Having a lot of fun together this season. MLB’s best 46-16 recordAnd they add two players to Snyder’s list.

  • Snyder:Judge Aaron – He is at the speed of more than 60 homers. No further explanation is required. Giancarlo Stanton – There is no one in baseball who hits the ball harder. Now we have the technology to measure and prove it. It’s even more ridiculous – if we can get over how unfair it is to the rest of us – when he barely touches the bat’s head and it still clears the wall. “

While Judges and Stanton are really fun (and really good), they don’t get the nickname “Captain” on this fictitious team. This honor belongs to a player who can still be the radar of a casual baseball fan.

  • Snyder:Jazz Chesholm, Marilyn – If there’s a captain here, it’s jazz. … It is an additional base machine of all kinds (seven doubles, four triples, 13 homers). It’s a power speed combo when you just watch the house race and burglary. He will do things at bases other than stealing, including how good he is for the hit. He will do interesting defensive plays. He is always outwardly ready and has something to look forward to. The different colors in her hair are just a bonus. Greetings to all our captains. “

What we are seeing on Thursday.

US Open Here’s how.
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