The Sons employee resigned after being accused of a toxic and abusive culture in the workplace.

A longtime Phoenix Sons employee resigned from the team in May after being accused of poisoning and misbehaving in the workplace. Documents obtained through ESPN. The woman, who has been working for Sons since 2007, submitted a detailed resignation to various members of the team’s proprietary group.

In her letter, Melissa Fender Panagiotakopoulos wrote that the organization “has never been more inactive, and the culture is rapidly disappearing.” Panagiotakopoulos added: “Over the years, it has become clear to me that the Suns organization does not give equal importance to developing women in its workforce, or even to make sure that they are with them. Men should be treated equally with their counterparts. “

In particular, Panagiotakopoulos alleged that Sons paid a male counterpart more and gave him more flexibility in the workplace, including the option to work from home. Panagiotakopoulos, meanwhile, said that despite being a working mother, she was not allowed to do so. After expressing his concerns about the situation to the team’s HR and legal departments, Panagiotakopoulos alleged that he was subjected to retaliation and bullying by colleagues.

In a statement to ESPN, Sons said he was aware of the allegations:

“We have been informed of the allegations made by a former employee and we are investigating them, in accordance with our respect for the workplace policy. And we are committed to creating a comprehensive work environment, and we will not tolerate retaliation for reporting alleged misconduct. “

Panagiotakopoulos’s resignation and grievances come at a time when sun exposure is on the rise. Organization and owner Robert Server. The NBA has been investigating since last November. Claims of racism, mismanagement and toxic workplace culture.

In April, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said there was no timeline for an investigation into the league, but noted that it was nearing completion.

“The investigation is ongoing,” Silver said. “I mean, this kind of investigation takes a lot of time. You want to make sure that you gather all the facts and you also want to make sure that you protect the rights of the accused. But it’s closer to the end than the beginning, but it’s hard to put a definite timeline on it right now. “