‘The song is at number 1’

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt, who is currently busy promoting her debut production Darlings, has finally reacted to the criticism and trolling surrounding the Brahmastra song ‘Kesaria’, which stars her husband actor Ranbir Kapoor. It is his first film with

Crooned by Arijit Singh, Kesaria is written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. The music of the love song is composed by Pritam. The two minute and fifty second song tells the love story of Esha (Alia) and Ayan (Ranbir), and how they confess their love for each other at a spiritual place in Varanasi. While the teaser of the song was unanimously loved, leaving everyone wondering what’s in store for everyone, the full-length track, however, managed to divide a few. More specifically, the “love stories” bit in the song.

Alia, who was in New Delhi for the launch of the song ‘La Ilhaj’ from her film ‘Darlings’, said she was not bothered by the trolling as ‘Kesaria’ topped the music charts.

“The song is at number one, toh main kum khush kayre! (This song is at number one on the charts, then why should I complain), Alia told reporters.

Alia was also asked at the event how she was juggling her work commitments during her pregnancy. “If you are fit and healthy, there is no need to rest,” he said. Working relaxes me, it’s my passion, it keeps my heart, mind and soul alive and charged. So I would like to work till I am 100 years old.

‘Darlings’ is a dark comedy that chronicles the lives of a resilient mother-daughter duo who fight for love and find their footing in Mumbai while battling their own demons. Talking about the film’s strong female leads, Alia said, “You see a mother-daughter dynamic like never before. What’s so beautiful about their relationship is that How rare and honest is the dynamic. The mother is telling all the strange things, the daughter is sometimes mothering the mother.”

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