The school only hires teachers for JEE, NEET coaching, questions the education system.

After a school run by the public charitable trust Shree Vel Parle Kelwani Mandal (SVKM) posted a vacancy for teachers, she started a debate on Twitter regarding the quality of the education system in India. Why? Because the school is looking for teachers to coach students for entrance exams including NEET, JEE.

According to the notification, it is “now hiring faculty for IIT-JEE/NEET Foundation Coaching.” These posts are open to Physics, Mathematics and Biology teachers who have B.Tech, BE or Masters in BE along with two years teaching experience.

Coaching has been a common problem in India as parents spend more on tuition for such entrance exams. Thus, leaving the underprivileged section of students who cannot afford coaching at a disadvantage.

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Taking to Twitter, educationist Francis Joseph has posted a recruitment ad, with the caption, “Colleges/Universities are now hiring “teachers” only for coaching entrance exams like IIT-JEE and NEET. Is the needle moving from “learning” to “exam coaching”? With all due respect to institutions, it is important to correct this shift before it is too late.”

Commenting on Joseph’s post, several Twitter users agreed with him, saying that the “coaching mafia” in the country has diverted attention from actual education in schools to make students believe that entrance exams like JEE Advanced And NEET are more important and if they don’t. Don’t pass, their careers are over.

While others said that this is a good move and such teachers actually have a good academic record. “Preparing students for IIT-JEE/NEET is much better than preparing for board exams. See how deep education goes in Phy, Chem, Math, Bio. Students who used to hate these subjects. Because the teachers were very kind and loved the subjects because of the coaching classes and good teachers,” said one of the Twitter users.

“It’s actually good (for 11th-12th). Those teachers actually know their stuff (PhyChem Bio/Math) and have good academic records (hence the big money for them). These kinds of teachers Unlike those who teach science/math even in the best high schools,” said another.

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