The Recal Gascon campaign office received white powder, signs of hatred in the mail

A spokesman for the group confirmed that an envelope containing unknown white powder and hate symbols had been sent to campaign offices to recall Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.

Recal Gascon spokesman Tim Linberger said the envelope was sent to the office on Thursday in one of the return request envelopes, prompting staff to evacuate.

Linberger told The Post that it contained a white powdery substance, and cursed words and swastikas were removed.

Leinberger said the LAPD was called in immediately and responded with his bravery and bomb squads.

Matthew Cruz, a spokesman for the LAPD, said the agency received a “notification of an unknown powder” call around 4 p.m.

Tim Roosevelt of the Recal Gascon Campaign, Envelope photo tweeted. With white powder on a table.

“White powder and hate speech signs have just been found in one of our #RecallDAGeorgeGascon return request envelopes,” Rosales said. “The authorities have been notified and we are making sure that our great volunteers are OK. There are some bad / sick people there.”

Desiree Andrade (L), whose 20-year-old son Julian Andrade was killed in 2018, is speaking at a press conference with supporters of the attempt to recall Los Angeles District Attorney Gaskin.
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Seven volunteers and staff were in the office when the envelope was opened, Leinberger said.

“All is well,” said Leinberger. “This is a very important time (in the campaign to remember) and we are losing hours, but of course our first and foremost concern is for our staff and volunteers.”

Linberger said the office has received hate mail before, but has never received powder or racist comments. He said people in the office were told to leave while officers in Hazmat suits were looking at the substance.

William Flores, a man granted probation from LA County DA on a gun charge, killed two police officers earlier this month.
William Flores, a man granted probation from LA County DA on a gun charge, killed two police officers earlier this month.

No injuries have been reported so far.

Efforts to recall Gascon have gained momentum in recent weeks as anger grows over its soft policies on crime. He recently got the heat to negotiate a 2021 application with a man on gun charges, which has resulted in only probation. Earlier this month, the man, William Flores, shot and killed two El Monte police officers.

To go to the ballot, a total of 566,857 signatures – 10% of Los Angeles County’s total registered voters – must be submitted to the LA County Registrar-Recorder / County Clerk’s Office by July 6.

Applications must be mailed by Friday or returned to Recal Gascon’s office by June 30. The campaign said on its website.