The picture of the actress sitting on her husband’s feet sparked a debate on Twitter.

A picture of a South Indian actress sitting at her husband’s feet is going viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. The photo, which features Kannada actor Parneetha Subhash, is facing backlash and has also sparked several debates on the grounds of misogyny, post-marital subjugation, and patriarchy.

Performing a ritual called Bhimana Amavasya, Praneetha is seen sitting on the floor with her husband Nitin Raju, who is seated on a chair with his feet on a thali. This picture was originally shared by the actress on her Twitter profile with the name Rasam in the caption.

Take a look:

Netizens started criticizing the actress’ post when a Twitter user shared the same picture and wrote in the caption, “Marry a girl who can do this for you.”

The photo became a topic of discussion and netizens flocked to express their displeasure. “Marry a guy who doesn’t expect that from you,” said one user.

Another user tweeted, “And never marry someone who expects this of you.”

“Never. Better to die alone than ask your partner to do it in the name of tradition and culture,” said one user.

This user said that there is a lot wrong with this image and thinking.

Another Twitterati asked the user who shared the photo to change his mind. “Why would he do that?” asked one user.

Praneetha is a South Indian actor who has worked in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films. She was last seen in Hungama 2, her Hindi debut, and Bhoj: The Pride of India, another Hindi film. Her upcoming project is a Kannada film titled Ramana Avatar. Her husband Nitin is a businessman based in Bangalore. The couple got married in 2021.

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