The Perfect e-Liquid For Your Vape Pen: Learn How to Select

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Ancient history has numerous accounts of inhaling vapors out of hookahs that heated herbs to produce smoke. Back then, it was considered a novelty. Later on, it became a social practice where gatherings for entertainment called for hookahs. The old medics also used similar methods to cure patients with congestion, cough, and cold and throat infections.

With the advent of technology, recreational practices have seen an evolution through Vaping. It refers to the practice of heating e-liquid to produce vapors that you can inhale. It marks itself a safer option than smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco because you do not burn substances to enjoy the results.

CBD vaping:

A much safer option is CBD vaping; the vaping device is filled with e-liquid (full spectrum or isolated CBD with flavors) that is then heated to produce vapors that induce recreational or pain-relieving effects for your disorders. You can choose from the range of products available in the market or Get CBD vape pens online.

CBD present in hemp/cannabis plants is known for its therapeutic properties and pain-relieving benefits in ancient medical history. While cannabis itself is addictive, CBD extracts (free of THC, the psychoactive compound) are non-psychoactive and non-addictive. It is available for consumption in CBD gummies, oils, tinctures, bath bombs, and CBD vape juice.

While consuming CBD through tinctures and gummies is a viable option, it has to go through your digestive system to be absorbed in your bloodstream. Many of the flavonoids and other vital cannabinoids are lost in the human body. With vaping, the vapors containing CBD and all the complementary cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are inhaled directly and enter the bloodstream through your lungs. At the same time, Carcinogens, ash are kept at bay by proper vape pens that only heat the liquid without burning it.

What are vape pens and e-liquid?

Vape pens are electronic devices that accommodate e-juice cartridges, a battery, and a heating mechanism. It consists of a Rechargeable device, Clearomizer or cartomizer, Atomiser, USB cable.

Based on how you refill your vape pen, they are classified as open system and closed system vape pens. Open-system vape pens are battery-operated pens that must be filled with e-liquid in the tank manually and regularly. Closed system vape pens are non-refillable, use-and-throw cartridges and flavored pods.

The star of the party is e-juice or CBD vape juice. E-juice consists of flavors, solvents, sweeteners, and a part of the substance that the user prefers: CBD or CBD-THC. The quality of e-juice depends on the brand, type of extracts, and source itself. Generally, e-juice is categorized by the amount of THC present in it. Other components present in E-liquid are:

Vegetable glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is derived from vegetable oil and provides a sweet flavor and thicker clouds compared to propylene glycol. But due to the thicker clouds, it can reduce the life of your atomizer and, in turn, your device. The coils get clogged and will not work for high VG liquids, ancient devices with clearomizers. A clear, safe chemical, VG delivers a welcomed alternative to PG owing to a smoother throat feel and better vape experience.

Propylene glycol: it is a petroleum by-product used in vape juices to suspend the particles and generate clouds when heated. The odorless, colorless PG is known for its throat to feel and is slightly irritating for some people while being a more authentic experience. PG also carries the flavors well but is accompanied by symptoms: dehydration, dry mouth, sore throat, and increased thirst.

Cannabinoids: this is the main ingredient that accompanies VG or PG. CBD or cannabidiol is the concentration of the extract. Still, it has other elements present in trace amounts with the Only THC restricted, a legally bound component whose level is maintained at 0.3%.

How to choose e-liquid?

You can Get CBD vape pens online and choose one that serves the purpose of heating the e-liquid. It's the e-liquid that you have to be careful about and must Check the following boxes before you buy it.

  1. Hemp source

Be aware of the hemp or cannabis source of the CBD e-juice. While both contain CBD, the variation comes with the presence of THC element in it.

Full-spectrum CBD: obtained from cannabis, it contains trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are not removed by any chemical process. When interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system in humans, it is perceived to produce benefits due to varied reactions of present components and human ECS.

Isolated CBD: isolated extract gives you more control over what enters your body as it is a more regulated and scrutinized product as it contains nothing but CBD. It is mainly implemented to fight anxiety and depression; it calms you down without making you tired or foggy.

  1. Extraction process

Today, CO2 extraction is more reliable as it gives a higher separation rate and, therefore, may be trusted with the process. The source extract is subjected to pressurized CO2 as a solvent to remove compounds, phytochemicals from the hemp plant.

  1. 3rd party testing

The brand you choose must conduct 3rd party tests that put the brand under a microscope and may vouch for its ingredients, additives, and safety. The brand, when asked, must produce lab results and certification to warrant its products.

  1. Brand transparency

Each ingredient must be named and listed with its amount and concentration on the packaging. You don't want to be deceived by tasting or experiencing something you did not bargain for.

  1. Potency

It refers to the strength of the liquid that dictates the dose quantity of the product. It also depends on the Individual physic: for weight between 80-150 pounds (40 to 75 Kg), a dose of between 12-15mg. For weight over 250 pounds (125 Kg), you will need between 25-20mg to experience similar benefits.

  1. Implementation

Whether you will be using it as pain medication, sleep-inducing effects, for recreational purposes, or to reduce depression and anxiety, you will require varied concentrations and quantities of CBD. Keep in mind the use you will be putting it to before finalizing your buy.

  1. Customer reviews

Before buying CBD vape juice of any brand, remember to check the brand and product reviews online. They will tell you the effects, taste, and experience with the brand/product.


With this complete guide to CBD vape juice, you can test the market products and look for the exact CBD vape juice for your vape pen. Your vaping experience will be heavily influenced by the vape juice you buy, its flavors, concentration, and dose. So choose wisely!