The NFL star believes that Washington should not have changed the names of the commanders from the football team.


Washington is preparing for its first season as commanders, but if a star quarterback had chosen it, the franchise would still be known as the football team.

Bengal quarterback Joe Bro said he likes Washington’s last nickname, which was created in 2020 out of necessity. The football team has served as Washington’s temporary nickname for the past two seasons as the franchise began looking for a permanent option. Borough, whose rookie season ended after sustaining a serious knee injury against Washington, offered to comment on the franchise’s name change when asked to reconsider the injury.

“I got hurt against the football team … commanders, sorry,” Broro said Send full podcast. “I like the football team … it should have been the name of a moment, [but] I love this. ”

When one of the podcast hosts called him “one of the worst possible names,” Burroughs doubled his commitment to the football team’s nickname.

“I liked it,” Bro said of the name. “Only meat and potatoes.”

Broro is not alone in his opinion. O The Washington Post Poll Revealed that 43% of DC residents preferred the football team over commanders, while 26% preferred commanders. Nearly half of DC residents have negative feelings about the franchise’s new name.

Washington has already made recent rebranding changes. Immediately after the rebrand, Commanders Crust was changed to identify the seasons in which the franchise won the championship, in contrast to the specific calendar year in which it won the title. The change came after a public outcry.

Although opinions differ on their new nickname, commanders have major issues to worry about. Defense coordinator Jack del Rey was recently fined کوچ 100,000 by head coach Ron Rivera in January following his comments. 6 Attack on the American capital. Then on Monday, reports surfaced that the team’s number was Terry McLaren. 1 The recipient will leave the money camp in the midst of a contract dispute.