The LeBron James Triple Logoman trading card could break records at an upcoming auction.

LeBron James Triple Logoman Trading Card is set to hit the auction block in late June, and, According to CNNIt could break the record for the most expensive sports card ever sold.

Ken Golden, executive chairman and founder of Golden Auctions, told CNN: “This card is one of a kind, completely unique, and experts believe it can challenge the all-time record paid for any commercial card. . “

The Triple Logoman Card includes patches worn by every team since James’s time for which he has played in the NBA: the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Also, and the massive price increase, there is only one such card.

Bids for the Triple Logoman card will start at 500,000, but Golden estimates that the card could break the previous card’s record sale price of 6. 6.6 million. The record is for an Honus Wagner T206 baseball card – widely known as the most recognizable baseball card – sold in 2021.

However, about 50 of them are Wagner cards.

The James Card is the only one of its kind made by Panini, and is one of five triple logoman cards in his 2020-21 “flawless” collection. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

These eye-opening prices are not new to cards that include James. Back in July 2020, a 2003-04 James Rocky card sold for 8 1.8 million. One year later, another James fraud card sold for 2 5.2 million.