The ‘killer’ pitbull returned to his owner, but with conditions

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has returned a pit bull to its owner Amit Tripathi, whose mother was mauled by the dog earlier this month, but with conditions. The LMC officials took the decision after Tripathi had given written consent to take care of the dog.

A corporation official told IANS on Friday: “The owner has promised to take the pit bull to a trainer daily and also to a behaviourist to assess its behaviour. If found violating the conditions, the dog will be recaptured by the LMC.

He said the owner was contacting the authorities almost daily with a request to hand over the dog as the 14-day period to keep the dog under surveillance had expired.

Arvind Rao, Director Animal Welfare, LMC, said: “We checked the health condition of the pit bull at the Jarara Animal Birth Control Centre. After consulting the LMC trainers we handed over the dog to its owner with conditions and returned for a limited period of time. If the owner is found to be taking care of the dog as directed, he will be allowed to keep the pitbull for a longer period of time. Initially, we have returned the dog to his home for the next 14 days. Has been handed over.

LMC had received more than 20 applications to adopt the killer dog, he said. .

LMC chief veterinary officer Abhinav Verma said the team and trainers will continue to visit the dogs. The LMC will ensure that the dog is not used for commercial purposes such as dog fighting or scaring others.

It will also ensure that the dog is kept in a clean, spacious area and is given adequate food at regular intervals. Some of Tripathi’s neighbors had opposed keeping the dog there and expressed concern for its safety.

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