The good news from China is that Beijing’s decision regarding visas will benefit these Indians

Beijing: China has extended visas for more than two years to Indian professionals and their families stranded in India due to strict visa restrictions imposed by Beijing in view of the COD-19 epidemic. Visa) has been announced. In addition, the Chinese government is handling applications from thousands of Indian students studying at Chinese universities who have expressed a desire to return to their colleges and universities for education.

On Monday, the Chinese Embassy in India updated its COVID-19 visa policy after more than two years, allowing foreign nationals and their families wishing to return to China to resume work in all fields. Request visa applications from

Indians living in China had put pressure on Jayashankar.
The move is a great relief to the thousands of Indian professionals and their families who have been stranded in the country since 2020. Last month, several Indian professionals living in China urged Foreign Minister SJ Shankar to put pressure on Beijing to allow the return of their families stranded in India.

The Chinese embassy in New Delhi said that besides Indians, families of Chinese and foreign nationals can also apply for visas to visit their relatives or kin who have a permanent residence permit from China. Apart from Indians (some of whom are married to Chinese nationals), several Chinese employees working for various companies were also stranded in India due to Beijing’s visa restrictions and flight cancellations.

However, the Chinese embassy has clarified that visa service for tourism and personal purposes will remain suspended.

In April, after lengthy negotiations with India, China agreed to allow “specific” Indian students to return. He had asked the Indian embassy in New Delhi to collect details of Indian students who wanted to return.

More than 23,000 Indian students returning home were stranded at home.
According to various reports, more than 23,000 Indian students returning to India were stranded in their home country after the outbreak of Corona virus in China in December 2019. Most of them are medical students from Chinese colleges. He could not return to China because of visa bans imposed by Beijing to stem the spread of the infection. According to reports, more than 12,000 Indian students have expressed interest in returning to China and their details have been provided to the Chinese government.

However, it is up to China to decide on the quality of student return, as Beijing is unwilling to allow large numbers of people to return at once, given the recent rise in the number of Cowid 19 cases in the country.

China has not yet announced the launch of flights between the two countries.
China, which has revived visa services for Indians, has not yet announced the launch of flights between the two countries. At present, only diplomats from both countries can travel to Beijing on third-country flights. But, this trip is very expensive. However, China’s latest visa announcement has raised hopes that flight service between the two countries could be restored soon.

In recent months, China has allowed students from some friendly countries, such as Pakistan, Thailand, Solomon Islands and Sri Lanka, to return.

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