The FDA is investigating the death of another child, possibly linked to the Abbott formula.

Federal authorities this month launched an investigation into another neonatal death, possibly linked to Abbott Laboratories – the country’s largest baby formula company.

The Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday, citing a consumer complaint sent to the agency in February, that the child had died in January and had “eaten an Abbott product.”

The FDA was notified of the complaint on June 10.

“Investigations into this latest consumer complaint are in their early stages and the agency will provide updates as we find out more.” Agency Wrote in a statement.

It was not clear what product the child ate, or if it was linked to the Abbott Laboratories plant, which was shut down in February due to a bacterial infection that caused epidemics to spread across the country. The shortage of formula had increased.

Abbott’s Struggs, Michigan plant was shut down and a return was issued following an investigation into four infant feeding formulas developed by FedEx. Two of the children died of rare infections.

Abbott reopened the plant earlier this month when the FDA was unable to link the disease to the company that manufactures Similac. Feeds have found numerous breaches in the facility, including poor hygiene and safety precautions.

It was not clear which formula product the child used.
AP / Mark Duncan

“While we need to take steps to address the FDA’s findings, it is important to note that Crohn’s bacterium Sakazaki Or Salmonella In any of our tests of products distributed to consumers was found, “Company Said last month.

The FDA had previously investigated 128 complaints, including nine deaths, which may have been linked to Abbott formulas, but only linked four to a nutrition company.

Abbott Laboratories’ stock rose nearly 1 percent on Wednesday after the FDA’s revelation.