The Cowboy Star decided to send money to random fans on Twitter and that’s why.

If you don’t follow Micah Parsons on Twitter, you might as well go ahead and do it now, because there is a chance you could get some free money from it. For the past few days, Cowboy Line Baker has been sending money to fans to help pay for the gas.

If you’ve driven anywhere this year, you probably know that gas prices have gone crazy. Until June 14, Average price of gas across the country $ 5 per gallon, which Parsons recently noted on Twitter.

That tweet was sent on June 9, and Parsons later that day Shared another tweet. Where he showed his followers how much it costs to fill his tank and at $ 116.46, it was not cheap.

After being pointed out by a fan that gas prices do not affect Parsons as much as he is rich, Cowboy Line Baker responded by offering to send gas money to some of his followers.

Everyone likes free money, which probably explains why about 6,000 people responded to the tweet. Parsons didn’t send money to everyone, but he did send $ 25 to more than a dozen fans.

If gas prices continue to rise in four years, Cowboy Line Baker will likely have enough money to send N 25 to each NFL fan on Twitter. Although Parsons plans to make only 44 1.44 million in the second year of his rogue contract in 2022, if he stays, he will soon see a huge increase. He played like 2021..

Last season, Parsons won the NFL Defensive Deception of the Year award a season later, where he collected 13 sacks, the third highest in the history of NFL by a rookie. Parsons will be eligible for a new contract after the 2023 season and I think the Cowboys will be more than happy to pay him at this point.