The Brewers finally won, snatching a eight-game losing streak from Willie Adams behind a big outing.

Certainly when the Milwaukee Brewers dominated Andrew McCutton’s Walk of Singles on June 2, they didn’t realize it would take more than a week to get back to the “W” column. The win gave them a 33-20 lead in the season and gave them a three-game lead at NL Central. The Brewers beat the Nationals 4-1 on Sunday, but lost eight games in a row and lost their first position.

Credit for locking down the Nats’ offense on Sunday goes to starting pitcher Jason Alexander and reliever Hobby Milner, Brad Boxberger, Devin Williams and Josh Header. Offensively, the heavy lifting was mostly done by one man. Willie Adams, who recently returned from the injury list, doubled down on three of the Brewers’ four runs and reached home. Here is the home run, which gave the pitching staff a breathing room.

It was not the worst losing streak by the Brewers so far, although they were in danger of going to the ballpark. The franchise’s record-breaking series is 14 games, which took place from May 11 to May 25, 1994.

Brewers of at least nine games has 13 losing lines in history, so consider that it’s tied for the 14th worst. The most recent skid of such a ratio has been nine gamers since August. September 26, 2014 4. One would remember that the Brewers were number one for almost the entire 2014 season (they were in the first 159 days) until the losing line buried them. Here in 2022, there is plenty of time to leave the losing streak in the rear view mirror, but they are now second in the division after taking a 4 1/2 game lead.