The Braves outscored the Nationals for their 13th consecutive victory, the longest in the Major League this season.

Reigning champions Atlanta Brewers beat the Washington Nationals 10-4 on Tuesday night, extending their current winning streak to 13 games. This is the longest winning streak for the Braves after winning 14 in a row from July 26 to August. 9, 2013. The current series is also the longest this season.

Atlanta’s victory also gave this part of recent history a chance:

In Tuesday’s victory, power was once again a story for the brave. He went home five times and followed her on two different occasions. Michael Harris II and Travis D. Arnaud each fielded for the second straight game. Orlando Arsia picked up a pair of hits, starting from the second base to replace the injured Ozzy Albiz. The Braves have scored a total of 32 home runs in the winning streak.

On the pitching side, Max Freud won for Atlanta but didn’t do particularly well, as he allowed four hits on six hits in 5⅔ innings. The best performer was Jackson Stephens, who played three shutout innings to save.

The winning streak of the heroes coincides with a softer part of the schedule. The 13 wins that make up the series are against the Diamondbacks, the Rockies, the A’s, the Pirates and the Nationals – the losing teams, all. If the Braves manage to win the final series against Washington on Wednesday, they will take the series to the weekend series against the Cabs. That said, the Braves have dominated, perhaps lacking competition in the last 13 games, as they have outscored the opposition by a margin of 93-39 during the streak.

Atlanta will be looking for a 14-match winning streak on Wednesday, with right-hander Spencer Strider taking on right-hander Eric Fedde.